Insufficient point for the sunken Extremadura

Two decisive stops of Joan Femenías, the third goalkeeper of the Fuenlabrada, in the last bars of the game in the Fernando Torres, saved a point to bring their team closer to permanence and left the situation in a limit Estremadura, who sought the comeback but remains seven points from salvation.

The duel had decisive overtones for both teams. The Fuenlabrada with the possibility in his hand of giving up his permanence and feeding the dream of the promotion. He Estremadura forced to win after wins from direct rivals in his fight to stay in the silver division. It caused the duel to have rhythm and intensity, that two teams without fear jumped for goals to reach their goals.

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Two more days of rest is a key factor with three games per week. It caused the mass changes in the eleven of Sandoval and started with a scare due to a slip from his goalkeeper, Pol Freixanet, when he left his area to clear the header and left the ball at Pastrana's feet, who was unable to beat the defense with his shot.

But this Fuenlabrada arrived at the appointment with plenty of confidence. His full of triumphs in his stadium with Sandoval after the break, have released his spirit and with direct football he sought to install doubt in a team in trouble. Sekou, on a scoring streak, was looking for the first half-turn and Chico Flores headed after a corner kick.

The goal however would come after forgiving Extremadura and making a gift. Before the referee pointed out a Pastrana's hand penalty to Hugo Fraile's center that the VAR ended up taking out of the area. Pastrana himself caressed the post in a tight shot and Alex Alegría pardoned two shots. The first solo, with a header, after a lateral foul and after a great action by Pinchi.

To the failures in the definition was added a serious one in the ball exit. Fran Cruz tried to turn on himself in danger zone and Ntkea, Swiftly, he stole his wallet, stood in front of Casto and beat him with a low shot.

It was a harsh punishment for a Estremadura that he had put up arguments to achieve something positive. Led by Pinchi's ability on the right he rose. On the umpteenth attempt he turned his back on Glauder and his pass hooked him to the Alegría net. Before the break, the team from Extremadura was even able to come back, but Zarfino's goal was canceled by the offside player after a great stop by Pol.

The defensive instability of the Fuenlabrada provoked Sandoval's reaction. He went on to defend five with the entry of José León and after 68 minutes he had exhausted all five changes. Arrivals with danger were reduced. Pardo tried it with a long shot and Fraile looked for the square with a right hand.

The Pol's injury due to a muscle problem. The departure of Biel Ribas at the break had given him ownership. Femenías debuted and became the protagonist of the match at 23 years old. He took a good hand up the shot from Carrasco in the 90th minute and four later a heads up against Sapphire to give his team a point and leave the Estremadura at the edge of the abyss.

1 – Fuenlabrada: Pol Freixanet (Femenías, m.67); Iribas, Chico Flores, Juanma, Glauder (Anderson, m.68); Clavería, José Rodríguez (Cristóbal, m.58), Hugo Fraile, José Fran (José León, m.46); Randy Nteka, Sekou Gassama (Oriol Riera, m.49).

1 – Extremadura: Chaste; Alex Díez, Fran Cruz, Borja Granero, Bastos; Oscar 'Pinchi' (Rocha, m.86), Lomotey, José Antonio Pardo (Carrasco, m.79), Víctor Pastrana (Kike Márquez, m.73); Zarfino, Alex Alegría.

Goals: 1-0, m.23: Nteka. 1-1, m.46: Alex Alegría.

Referee: Figueroa Vázquez (Andalusian Committee). He admonished Pastrana (m.72) for Extremadura.

Incidents: match corresponding to the thirty-sixth day of LaLiga SmartBank, held at the Fernando Torres stadium behind closed doors.