Íñigo Onieva’s face when asked about his “fooling around” with Katerina, from ‘Survivors’

The fidelity of Inigo Onieva a Tamara Falco is back in doubt after it came to light the “fooling around” that the businessman would have had with Katerina Safarovaa young woman who has become famous for participating in reality shows such as the island of temptations or, the most recent, Survivors 2023.

Far from denying it, the fiancé of the daughter of Isabella Preysler He has limited himself to putting on a puzzled face when the reporters who approached him this Saturday at the doors of his house have asked him about this supposed slip. “I don’t talk about anything,” he replied to the microphones of Europa Press.

But Íñigo did speak, about other issues. He admitted that he is “very nervous” about the countdown to his marriage with the Marquise de Griñón and that both are “very happy and everything is great.” If everything goes as planned, Onieva and Tamara will say ‘yes, I want’ on July 8 at the El Rincón palace.

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But before the wedding of the year, next April 22 will celebrate the official request for a hand in Villa Meona, the house of the mother of the bride located in the Puerta del Hierro urbanization in Madrid. Only the closest relatives and friends of Tamara and Íñigo will attend this party. The celebration consists of offering a dinner to the groom’s family on behalf of the bride’s, and exchanging the typical gifts between the two fiancées, which are almost always a watch for him, and a piece of jewelery for her.