Iñigo Onieva stands up and announces legal measures: Alexia Rivas, first on the list for relating him to Mimi Monzón

the former of Tamara Falco He has recharged his batteries on his trip to Istanbul accompanied by his mother and has returned to Spain with strength. So much so that he has put his team of lawyers to work to stop, once and for all, the information that has tarnished his image in recent weeks. The first to be warned was Alexia Rivas, who claimed last weekend that Iñigo Onieva had been disloyal to the Marchioness of Griñón with a mutual friend, Mimi Monzón.

The team that advises the engineer has sent a statement hours after studying the declarations of alexia rivas in the program Fiestawho claimed that this Mimi bragged about having a relationship with It smells: “I’ve heard things that can’t be taken away, but this girl even boasted of having a relationship with Íñigo, and talking to him, she even said ‘how morbid that Tamara doesn’t know this.’

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The young man’s lawyers brand these words as “defamatory information and lacking in the slightest journalistic rigor with the sole spurious purpose of obtaining popularity and economic gain”, according to digital freedom. In addition, they demand that Rivas immediately “rectify” the false information in relation to Íñigo Onieva”, as they emphasize that “they are simple rumors or mere insidious insinuations, with a vexatious and provocative spirit” that do not respond to the Right to Information of his Otherwise, Onieva will initiate “as many legal actions as necessary” to safeguard its honor, privacy and own image.