Iñigo Onieva receives a visit from two santeros to cleanse his aura before the wedding

There are five weeks left for the wedding of the year. An engagement that was canceled due to the infidelity of the groom, was resumed after months of penance on her part and in recent weeks she has encountered obstacles such as the abandonment of the bridal designers or the sprain of the bride. Many point out that the wedding is jinxed and this Friday, two santeros have gone to the house of Inigo Onieva to put an end to his bad fate: “We are going to heal his astral”.

Lourdes and Fidel have arrived at the businessman’s portal dressed in amulets and incense to carry out a ritual: “We are going to free him from bad energy.” Onieva’s face when she arrived at her house and saw the shed was quite a poem, but she masterfully dodged the santeros and even thanked them.

The scene was orchestrated by Save mehas been the producer’s particular wedding gift to Tamara Falcowho has already said on several occasions not to believe in evil spirits: “What is going to be jinxed! Everything happens for a reason. I think there are bad streaks but I am already going through this and now everything is fine”, he said smiling this Thursday .

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The marquise has already recovered from the sprain she suffered a few weeks ago after falling down some stairs and has passed the first fitting of her new wedding dress, given by Wes Gordon, the creative director of Carolina Herrera: “I finally have something to wear”she announced with relief.