Iñigo Onieva makes the leap to television for the love of his marchioness: protagonist in Tamara’s musical

The daughter of Isabel Preysler has starred in the latest installment of The musical of your lifeprogram presented by Carlos Sobera. With a floral dress and a perennial smile, Tamara Falcó has remembered some of the most important stages of her life and has received two great surprises: a connection with her brother Julio José and an emotional message from Inigo Onieva

It is the first time that the marchioness’s new husband appears voluntarily on television because the media attention gives him hives, but on this occasion he has gone through hoops and wanted to have a romantic gesture with his wife.

Minutes before, Tamara remembered her wedding with the businessman. It was last July 8 at the El Rincón Palace, a dream come true that she came to after forgiving him for various infidelities. The most public one came to light just a month after getting engaged and announcing it publicly: “Ours has been a path of ups and downs”she said.

A movie life

Tamara remembered her childhood surrounded by siblings, her good relationship with Uncle Julio (Julio Iglesias) and uncle Miguel (Migue Boyer) and her time at an American boarding school: “I had my first boyfriend here, Colin. I organized the graduation party and it was super nice, in a barn and with a giant pink dress.” He returned to Spain, studied (“my parents forced me, I didn’t like it very much”) and found Faith: “Mine was something progressive, not a calling as such. I was 27 years old, I went to spend some time in the field with my father, who had just separated from his third wife, and I bought the Bible for summer reading. From there I met Jesus and he changed my life. He made me love myself much more.

Tamara had the funniest moment of the night when speaking with Julio José, who was in Miami: “Lucky that he picked up the phone from you, because he never picked up on me,” she said. The marchioness has taken the opportunity to throw some taunts at Julio José: “he never gives me anything and always leaves the family WhatsApp group… Yo, come and put him in.” The complicity between them has been evident: “We have gotten along very well since we were little, Julio is life.”