Iñigo Onieva, fired from his company seven weeks after the wedding with Tamara Falcó

New setback for the couple of the year: the businessman has lost his job. Inigo Onieva He was the public relations officer for the Tatel and Totó restaurants, belonging to the Mabel Hospitality group, a restaurant company that has such well-known partners as Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol or Enrique Iglesias, Onieva’s future brother-in-law. He joined in November 2021, a few months before starring in several scandals due to infidelity and bad nocturnal habits, some controversies that those responsible for him did not like at the time.

That was left behind. the fiancé of Tamara Falco He took a radical turn since his darkest side was discovered and after his reconciliation with the Marquise de Griñón, he is a new man, more familiar and religious, even supportive: this weekend, has traveled to the Sanctuary of Lourdes with an association that helps the sick and distributes medical supplies.

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The news of his dismissal has fallen like a jug of cold water due to the unexpected. “Íñigo Onieva has been fired from the restaurant and nightclub for which he was public relations,” Belén Esteban assured in Sálvame this Tuesday. “They have told him not to return to Tatel y Totó, where he worked as Public Relations. I don’t know what happened, but they have told me that he no longer works there.”