Íñigo Onieva again on the edge: His fooling around with Katerina, from “Survivors” comes to light

Either he doesn’t wake up or he has no remedy. O well Inigo Onieva he has been honest with his girlfriend, Tamara Falco, and he has told her all his flirtations and bets with other women before and during their relationship, or he may be in big trouble again. Now he has come to light that he had a flirtation with one of the participants of the reality show survivors, Katerina Safarovaand those who know the Marquise de Griñón are clear: “Tamara Falcó will not like it.”

The daughter of Isabella Preysler and her boyfriend are up to their necks in the preparations for their wedding, which will initially take place on July 8. The engagement continues after Tamara forgave him for an affair at a time when the boy had eyes to look far beyond his girlfriend.

It has just been learned that the entertainment businessman is a friend of Katerina’s networks, a former contestant on the island of temptations and current participant of survivors by Mediaset. This was confirmed by the program socialitewhich verified how Onieva and Safarova have had constant interaction through social networks, with exchanges of ‘likes’ during 2021, but which had already begun in 2020.

The Russian is known for having had a relationship with the footballer Neymarand it has been known that at the time she was the girlfriend of Danione of the two members of the musical duo Gemeliers had a relationship in 2018 and it lasted “several months”, as revealed by the program Mothcatchersde Divinity.

The curious thing, as pointed out by Mediaset, is that this sum of constant likes between the Russian beauty and Onieva ends just thirteen days before Íñigo’s relationship with Tamara restarted, last December. “Tamara Falcó is not going to like this,” they warn from the TikTok account @salseosentiktokwhere they reveal that Katerina and Íñigo coincided on a trip to Ibiza, during which the “likes” were more than constant.

This may be a new reason that shakes a wedding against which some relatives of Tamara have already spoken out; Julio Jose Iglesiasas a brother, who does not see very clearly that Íñigo is the man who deserves his sister, or Jordi Cruzfriend and judge of the winner of Marter Boss in the contest, who has said that Onieva “has never liked me”.

In addition, recently one of the car designer’s best friends suffered an accident, and Íñigo is having a very bad time and is very worried about the recovery of his partner, so lately he has not been so kind to his colleagues in the media. when they ask about the preparations for their nuptial link.

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This is not the first time that the link of the year has not been held at risk. It was already canceled last September, when some images of Íñigo kissing another woman came to light, and Tamara cut off the relationship. The marquise forgave the infidelity of the businessman of the night during the Christmas holidays and they resumed the wedding plans. The marriage proposal party is scheduled to take place this April 22 in Vuilla Meona, and the wedding at the El Rincón farm in Aldea del Fresno on July 8, if Onieva’s past and present does not end up changing plans .