Iñigo Martínez goes fishing

In the absence of a single day for the end of the League, the rumors and speculations about the transfer market begin to skyrocket. Iñigo Martínez, Athletic’s international center-back whose contract as a lion ends on June 30, 2023, yesterday became a hypothetical object of desire by Barça. There were those who even pointed out that the rojiblanco was enjoying his day off in Barcelona.

The defense resorted to social networks to get out of this alleged information. A photograph with his father on board a boat served to deny the aforementioned news. “Taking advantage of the day off with my father to enjoy what we like the most,” commented the Athletic player himself on his twitter account.

Iñigo Martínez, the most expensive signing in the centenary history of the rojiblanco club, arrived in Bilbao as soon as Manchester City paid the 65 million euros of Laporte’s termination clause. The Ibaigane entity, then chaired by former lion Josu Urrutia, did the same operation by depositing the 32 kilos of the clause that the Ondarrutar central defender had in Real Sociedad. That double operation was carried out at the end of January 2018.

Athletic’s international central defender, 30 years old, is about to end this season without his possible renewal as a lion having been negotiated. Iñigo Martínez, who will most likely be on Luis Enrique’s list for the Qatar World Cup, will be released next year if he does not close an agreement with his current club beforehand. This, without a doubt, will be one of the first issues to be dealt with by the president who replaces Aitor Elizegi at the head of Athletic.

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