Iñigo Fernández Tapias’s anger when asked about his father’s widow

The family goes through difficult times after the death of the patriarch and their nerves play tricks on them. This Thursday, Inigoone of the eldest sons of Fernandez Tapiaswas visibly angry at the questions from the press, with whom both he and his brothers spoke a few days ago to denounce the treatment received by Nuria Gonzalez in recent years. “Everything is fine with her”he says now.

The businessman, the result of Fernández Tapias’ first marriage with Chiqui de la Riva, did not want to clarify the situation in which they find themselves after the exchange of messages and darts that have been sent these days through friendly media and journalists: “There is no problem”, he responded very angry. He also did not talk about the upcoming opening of his father’s will: “That’s it, man…”.

The war comes from afar

As we said, Íñigo and his brothers were the first to report the bad experience they had at the funeral home, when those close to Nuria tried to prevent them from entering to say goodbye to their father: “Things have gone so wrong that we can’t believe it. We don’t want them to We are called wayward children because we have been holding out for four years,” they said in ABC. His lawyer, Santiago Ortiz, spoke for them a few days later: “They have gone through an ordeal. It wasn’t his father who took them away from him, it was other people.”

Fernández Tapias had not seen his five oldest children for four years, since they filed a lawsuit to legally incapacitate him. “We did what 90% of people would have done for the general good, there are many who eat and live from these companies,” he said. “Nothing has been done here for evil, nor for money, nor for revenge, we have education.” They concluded: “Time will put everything in its place.”

The widow, “very calm”

Nuria, for her part, is focused on caring for her two children, Iván and Alma, who have been greatly affected by the loss of their father. She does not want to get into controversy and affirms that it was Fefé himself who decided to cut off the relationship with her children: “Let them wonder why her father sued them,” she told Paloma García Pelayo.

They add that it was he who, in his last wishes, asked that Fernando, Borja, Iñigo, Juan Carlos and Sandra not be allowed to enter his funeral. “Nuria only wanted to respect her husband’s wishes,” they say. Furthermore, the widow is very calm before the opening of Fernández Tapias’ will: “He left everything written and very well tied up. There will be no wars.”

What the former model has not commented on are the various testimonies that have come to light these days stating that the treatment she received from her husband was “cold and distant.” María Eugenia Yagüe has claimed to have witnessed several very uncomfortable moments between them, including expletives, and this Friday the testimony of a former Fefé worker agreed with her: “He was an animal, he treated his wife like shit and she didn’t.” did nothing.”