Influencer Queen Rania of Jordan turns 53: the exquisite style of a professional royal

These are the two official portraits that the Hashemite Court has released to celebrate Queen Rania’s 53rd birthday this Thursday, August 31. In the first snapshot, she appears with her husband, very elegant at the wedding of her daughter, Imán de ella. In the second, she poses reclining on a white sofa, with a large mug-type coffee cup, a tablet, and her glasses. The consort conveys the image of a professional woman, connected and committed to her fields of work: women, children, education and health. She wears a super urban look, based on a black zip-up jumpsuit combined with a t-shirt.

This has been Rania’s year. The Queen of Jordan celebrated the wedding of two of her children, the heir to the Hashemite house, Hussein, who married the young Saudi architect Rajwa; and Princess Iman, second daughter of the royal couple, who said ‘yes, I do’ to Venezuelan businessman and financier of Greek origin Jameel Alexander Thermiotis. The first link, which was attended by all European royalty, left us the photograph of Don Juan Carlos in a wheelchair with his wife, Doña Sofía.

Rania, due to her simple family origins, is very connected and committed to social causes. She was born 53 years ago in Kuwait, into a refugee family. She studied at the British Kuwaiti New School, encouraged by her father, who wanted an international education for her. She graduated in Administration from the American University in Cairo. She launched her professional career at Citigroup and at Apple. She met Abdalá in 1993 and five months after her first date they announced her engagement. The marriage has four children, Hussein, Imam, Salma and Hashem.

Due to her impeccable and highly refined style, Rania is considered the world’s royal influencer. Her passage through London at the coronation of Carlos III, last May, made an impact due to her magnificent elegance. She shone at Westminster Abbey in a luscious vanilla yellow ensemble. In addition, the kings Felipe VI and Letizia received the visit of Abdalá and his wife last June.