Infanta Sofía’s lumberjack plaid shirt: her most indie and grunge look

Sofia’s lumberjack shirt. Therein lies the key to her most indie look. It’s checkered and it’s oversize. The infanta wears it unbuttoned and rolled up on the cropped top short black. A piece that devastates the young women of her generation centennial. He has combined this choice with khaki green cargo pants. A basic among the basics of grunge that looks towards the aesthetic that was born in Seattle in the nineties. It is the still photo of Felipe VI and Letizia, which the Royal House has sent us: the moment when the King and Queen said goodbye to her daughter, who is flying to the United Kingdom on Tuesday, August 29, to go to her school in Wales.

Sofía, 16, follows the trends. She really likes fashion, she interprets it and personalizes it. Every little detail that she wears follows a line of style. She has a great personality. From her extra long hair, which she wears loose with a parting in the middle, to her black socks, with a ghost print. Everything is trend. Also, white sneakers.

This has been the outfit, casual and comfy (relaxed, comfortable) that Leonor’s sister has chosen to head to Wales, where she will begin studying International Baccalaureate at UWC Atlantic College.