Infanta Elena vents to Terelu Campos and talks to her about Froilán: “It's complicated”

Terelu Campos has coincided with the Infanta Elena on the birthday of the chef with two Michelin stars Mario Sandoval. The eldest daughter of María Teresa Campos has revealed the conversation they both had. Among other things, they talked about Froilanwho lives in Abu Dhabi under the lap of king Juan Carlos.

“It was a party in which I had the honor of meeting Infanta Elena”Terelu writes this Wednesday on her blog. Readings about his friend's celebration, which took place in El Jaral de la Mira, a farm located on the outskirts of Madrid, in San Lorenzo De El Escorial.

Regarding Felipe VI's sister, Terelu adds: “I hadn't seen her for a long time. She has never been an unfriendly or surly person or anything the press says about her. She has always been a very polite, respectful and affectionate woman towards me.“.

Thus, he reveals about his meeting: “As soon as he saw me, the first thing he did was give me his condolences for my mother, a gesture for which I thanked him.. We are talking about a mutual friend who is Dr. Rocío. I never say her last name because she doesn't want it to be known that I'm talking about her. She is so good at her job that there is not even a space left in her schedule. I'm telling you about this friend because I asked the infanta to take a photo of us, to which she immediately send it.”

Carmen Borrego's sister also explains: “Going back to my talk with Doña Elena, I talk to him about his son Felipe and I confess that I meet him sometimes in the Madrid neighborhood of Ponzano.. I tell him that he is always very affectionate and respectful to me. She tells me that he is still abroad and that living in Spain is complicated for him“.

Regarding this, Terelu assures: “I understand that journalists have to do our job and I understand that, at certain ages, our job makes such a young boy uncomfortable. It's not that I'm defending anything but, at my age, it's normal for me to understand that “With so much media baggage, if certain situations are difficult for me, imagine such a young boy.”

Victoria Federica's brother moved to Abu Dhabi about a year ago. Just a few days ago he was passing through Madrid. He shared a night out with some friends in a restaurant near Retiro, in the Niño Jesús neighborhood, according to what he published The Digital Confidential.

Although Jaime de Marichalar's son has focused these months on preparations for the climate summit, COP 28, and on his work at the oil company ADNOC, he has not quite found his space there. He traveled to Madrid at the end of October to congratulate his cousin Leonor on her 18th birthday. He also returned for her mother's anniversary, when she blew out 60 candles a few days before Christmas. He saw his Borbón family again on his grandfather's famous birthday, January 5. A great event where Sevillanas and the Macarena by Los del Río were played. The emeritus himself has acted as host with him. It has even been published that he could have given her a 500 square meter penthouse, in addition to his job at the oil company, which he would have obtained thanks to his contacts.