Indignation at Rayo for the annulled goal against Tenerife

The outrage continues at Rayo Vallecano for the disallowed goal to Andrés Martín, offside, last Saturday at the Heliodoro. The both franjirrojo, scored in the 86th minute, would have meant a tie had it not been for the intervention of the VAR. Hence the Madrid club is studying taking measures understanding that this decision has caused him a clear damage.

From the rayista entity they point out that the VAR does not offer a clear frame in which the line is seen at the exact moment of the head pass from Iván Martos to Andrés Martín and they emphasize the importance of stopping the play right then and there. There, the toe boot would not be ahead and, therefore, he would not incur an offside with respect to the central Spicic.

In addition, within the Vallecano club, they insist that the spirit of video refereeing goes through intervene in clear and manifest errors, but the tightness of the stock would not correspond to this assumption. Also pointing to the disparity of criteria applied from the VAR. To do this, they look back and go to Rayo-Atlético on February 16, 2019.

Then, Abdoulaye rejected a cross that was aimed at Morata – in an advanced position, but that did not touch the ball – and in that bad clearance, the rojiblanco striker takes the ball to assist Griezmann in the final 0-1. That positional offside of Morata was not considered as such when it was understood that Abdoulaye's clearance had meant the start of a new play.

This time the action was identical, but the interpretation was not.. Spicic clears a Martos center head towards Andrés Martín – slightly ahead, just a few centimeters, those of discord – who does not get to jump but does look for the ball, which He ends up recovering Comesaña and passing it to the striker (in the correct position) to score.

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Andrés: “The image of the VAR is not very clear”

Andrés Martín, the great protagonist of this controversial action, has also taken the floor. “In the play of the goal I think it was the left side and I was not offside, but they whistled me for the previous one. The VAR image is not very clear. It is already indicated and we cannot do anything, just think about the next game, “he confessed to the club's media.

Iraola also spoke on the subject at the end of the match. “There are images in which it seems that yes, that it is offside and others that it is not. I dont know“, started the míster franjirrojo, who later developed his answer:”The referee has scored a goal and they will have told him that there is offside. He probably doesn't even know what he called. They are plays that not even Tenerife was protesting. We did not know if it was a foul in the jump, Andrés was offside in the finishing play … no one asked for what was called at the end, but now it is. Probably, with the regulations in hand and using the fine print, they may have been right. “