in the Prado with Erdogan’s wife

In angelic white and with a candid smile. This is how the woman from Pedro Sanchez in her first act as the wife of the president of the government after her indictment for alleged crimes of business corruption and influence peddling. Begoña Gómez has served as host of Eminethe wife of Recep Tayyip Erdoganpresident of Turkey, at the Prado Museum, where they posed in front of the imposing Meninas by Velázquez.

The meeting took place within the framework of the VIII High Level Meeting that was held at the Moncloa Palace, chaired by Sánchez and Erdogan and in which a total of fourteen ministers from both countries participated. Emine has been the only wife who has accompanied her husband on her trip and Begoña Gómez has been in charge of guiding her on a private tour of one of the most important art galleries in the world.

Dressed in a simple white design with a lady’s cut, midi length, thin straps and a square neckline, combined with a clutch and beige pumps, Begoña has shown a relaxed appearance despite the controversy that has arisen from the investigation of Judge Juan Carlos Peinado, who He was summoned to testify on July 5 due to the cases of corruption and influence peddling reported by Clean Hands. This Thursday, in addition, the magistrate has opened a new line of investigation to discover why it was not Begoña herself who collected the judicial summons from her. She requests explanations from the head of security at La Moncloa and asks the Civil Guard to identify the person who opened the door of the Palace of La Moncloa. She took that summons and signed an “illegible” signature.

The president’s wife has remained silent since the scandal broke three weeks ago and it has been her husband, Pedro Sánchez, who has been in charge of defending her honorability with two Letters to the Citizens that he has shared on social networks and in which he assures that everything This is a strategy of the extreme right to tarnish its name. “We are calm, there is nothing behind this accusation,” she wrote. “Begoña and I know perfectly well why they attack her. Neither of us are naive. They do it because she is my partner (…) She is a hard-working and honest woman who claims her right to work without giving it up because of the responsibilities of her husband”.