In the midst of promoting her memoirs, Britney Spears poses completely naked online: “It’s just me”

He has just released his long-awaited autobiography, The woman that I am. Britney Spears, 41, opens up in this book about the experiences that have marked his life. Just a few weeks ago, People advanced that the singer reveals in its pages How she experienced the episode of the abortion she underwent during her relationship with Justin Timberlake back in 2000 and the reason why, years later, she shaved her head. After this editorial descent into hell, the artist is reborn empowered and strong. Britney has revolutionized the networks where she releases a photograph in which she appears naked.

He loves sensuality. Britney Spears lives her intimacy in a very passionate way and she likes to share those moments with her followers online. In this new Instagram post, the artist poses naked on a beach, with zero makeup and a bun collecting her hair. Natural light and a legend that accompanies the image: “It’s just me.” Some words that are connected with the title of his memoirs, The woman that I am. In just a few hours the publication reaches more than 555,000 likes.

In his autobiography, The singer confesses that she was tired of being infantilized. She wanted to be seen as a woman. “The woman in me was repressed for a long time. On stage they wanted me wild, they called me, and the rest of the time, a robot.” The stigma of ‘crazy’ already weighed on her. She began to be tutored by her father, James Parnell Spears, who called her “fat.” Spears remembers it like this: “The conservatorship stripped me of my adult self, made me a child again. On stage I became more of an entity than a person. I had always felt music in my blood, and that was stolen from me. “If they had let me live my own life I know I would have followed my heart and come out of this in the best way, it would have worked.” James Parnell exercised complete control over her daughter for 13 years, sparking the #FreeBritney movement.