In the end, the Chargers’ He is “too smart to his own good,” said Brandon Staley.

In the end, the Chargers’ He is “too smart to his own good,” said Brandon Staley.

The 19th of November. They had just lost the game against the Green Bay Packers 23–20, which dropped their record to 4-6.

It looked like Staley was going to miss the most important season of his career, and the Chargers coach couldn’t hide his feelings.

During the Packers’ game-winning score drive, his defense fell apart. On a third-and-20, the Chargers were penalized for pass interference.

After two plays, two defenders hit each other, which caused a missed stop on a catch-and-run for 35 yards.

On the next two plays, the defenders didn’t line up fast enough before the snap, which let receiver Romeo Doubs run for the decisive 24-yard touchdown.

In his speech after the loss, Staley said again that he had “full confidence” in his ability to lead the defense. After 11 weeks, the Chargers were racking out the most receiving yards in the league.

When asked why his confidence didn’t seem to match up with what he did on the field, Staley said out loud, “I know we allow ourselves a chance of succeeding every single week via the game plans we already have.”

Staley was fired by the Chargers on Friday morning, barely thirty days after he said these things. The team likewise fired Tom Telesco, who had been general manager for 11 years. Smith steps over as coach for now.

JoJo Wooden is the general manager for now. It’s an old story that some guys went to Las Vegas and lost almost everything they had.

This is the same thing as starting over with the group. In a statement, owner Dean Spanos said, “We are clearly rather than where we expect to be, and we need a new vision.

That time, the guys in question were the unfortunate Los Angeles Chargers, who ruined any hopes of putting together a good game before the end of the season.

They scored 49 straight points prior the Chargers scored a touchdown in 10 minutes left within the third quarter on Thursday. The Raiders were starting fifth-round rookie qb Aidan O’Connell.

After losing 63–21, the Chargers had no Derrick Herbert, no defense, no way to keep the ball safe, and no reason to bring back coach Brandon Staley.

With this move, there should be peace. As for the Chargers going forward, it’s not like everything is over.

They’ll have to make some changes to their squad to get under the salary cap or to be able to sign free agents, but they’ll get Herbert back next year along with a possible top-five draft pick. There are many worse places for a new government to come in.

Because the Rams play in the AFC West, which is led by Patrick Mahomes, and their defense is very strong, the new general manager will probably have to make some tough choices.

This looks like a 7 or 8 on a scale from 1 to 10 for how beautiful a head coach is. A lot of big names, like Bill Belichick of New England, Jim Harbaugh of Michigan, and Ravens defense coordinator Mike Macdonald and Lions offense coordinator Ben Johnson, will be tied to this job.

When asked about the team’s attitude after Week 12’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens, Staley told ESPN’s Kris Rhim that he still liked it.

The Chargers would have “blown out of the water” Staley’s team if they hadn’t paid attention to him. That really did happen.

After the first half, the Raiders (6-8) and temporary head coach Antonio Pierce had been ahead 42-0.

The only time this game was close was when it was tied at 0-0. The Chargers (5-9) couldn’t get back on track after this embarrassing loss on the big stage.

Each part of the team—offensive, defensive, and special teams—played awful, which led to the historic loss to a team that is having a rough season itself.

It would be hard to find a team that didn’t seem more interested in losing than the Chargers did on Thursday night.