In the College game Playoffs, it felt including the best game ever.

Rece Davis calling out “naysayers” upon College Gameday, which made people like Patrick McAfee, Desmond Howard, or Joey Galloway feel better. In college football, this marked the start for the semifinals.

Before the playoffs got bigger, Michigan played Alabama and Washington met Texas in the last one. People had a lot of anticipation for this game.

The games stood up the initial buzz. Both of them lost in the last play. On fourth down and goal in OT, Ohio State stripped Jalen Milroe, and on the last snap of regulation, Quinn Ewers’ pass was stopped by Elijah Jackson.

The four-team system will end with two exciting games. Next season, there will be a 12-team saturation market playoff, where sides such 13-0 Liberty will have the opportunity to fight.

While Florida State was at home and hadn’t lost, it didn’t look good. The NCAA Football Playoffs Commission set up two thrilling contests for fans.

Late in the fourth quarter, Michigan came back and stopped Alabama QB Jalen Milroe on fourth-and-goal in overtime.

This kept in their “us toward the world” march. At the same time, the Washington Huskies almost crashed out of the Pac-12 for good, but they were able to hold on for another week.

Today was the last day in the four-team CFP. Let’s review what we learnt on Monday. It takes longer to pick a winner when there are several playoff teams.

Major League Baseball and the NBA use this approach. The newest manner that college football lets money take out of the fun that makes the game great is through using that method to make more money.

There was no doubt that college football rules before 2021 were not fair. The players possessed to follow the rules for students, but the schools, sponsors, TV networks, and people in charge of the conferences were freed to make money to be pros.

College football was more fun when the transfer page wasn’t around. However, the sport lost some of its magic when leagues began changing in the early 2010s.

In the past year, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, Texas A&M, and Syracuse all left the Big 12 and joined the ACC, the Big Ten, or both.

For college sports for better or worse, players ought to be able move between schools without missing the excitement that comes from competing with teams from other areas.

But college football upon January 1, 2024, felt like the year 1994. The Rose Bowl or the Sugar Bowl were the most notable games that day.

But being picky wasn’t appropriate on Monday. Auburn should have played in New Orleans and Washington should have played in Pasadena.

In the second half, there was a beautiful sunset over the Rose Bowl. Then it turned loud within the Superdome.

As always on New Year’s Day, the national title was at stake, and it felt like college football guys were being exploited for money.

Because of big plays, big mistakes, and local pride, people kept their sights on the games, even the Saw series machine.

Point spreads or over/unders was enough to keep people who weren’t really into sports interested in both of these games.

There was not a need for characters that could be eaten or for managers to be sprayed with a brand-name substance.

On Monday night, the only time people could get up was to stretch during the college football halftime show.

Because the Rose Bowl required extra time, the first Sugar Bowl begun almost as soon as Jim Harbaugh was done with his post-game speech on the field.

On January 1, 2024, everything took place. When Rece Davis told his friends what Milroe meant by the word “LANK,” they gasped.

Two of the most important events in college sports got off to a great start this year. Playing was fun.