In Shakur Stevenson’s dull title win, the wrong message was made.

In Shakur Stevenson’s dull title win, the wrong message was made.

In his fight towards Edwin De Los Santos on Thursday, Shakur Stevenson wanted to convey a statement as his fame grows.

Even though he won the championship in an additional weight class, his reputation is low after a few of the worst TV major events within recent memory.

Stevenson didn’t make any excuses after De Los Santos beat him by scores of 116–112, 115–113, and 116–112. It was a thin title fight with no more than 10 knockouts in any among the 12 rounds.

He went on, “I didn’t feel fine before the fight.” “Honestly, I had previously stated to myself that if I am feeling this in the ring or if it’s not going well, I’m going to take steps to sure that I box and get the victory.”

Stevenson didn’t do much offensively, but his left hand was especially weak. Stevenson didn’t say more when asked whether his hand was hurt. “I don’t have anything to add about that,” he stated.

Ryan Garcia, a famous boxer, wrote on the same site, “Imagine going to that fight over Formula 1 weekend.” I would get my cash back and go to bed right away because I would be so tired from being there.

The lack of movement is mostly due to the clash of styles. Both fighters are southpaws who counter-punch, and neither one of them wanted to be in charge. “I don’t explain myself. Things happen. When we fight, we endure a lot.

Stevenson won and now has his third division title, which he took from Haney when he agreed to fight Jerome Prograis on December 9. But he’ll have to get over the fact that fans booed him and left before the fight even started.

The fight between Shakur Stevenson and Edwin De Los Santos was meant to make a statement. Stevenson was going for a third-weight belt.

But, even though he won the light heavyweight title, the fight was called among the worst TV major events in the past few years.

Stevenson won with scores of 116–112, 115–113, and 116–112. However, neither fighter was able to land a punch worth 10 points in any one of the 12 rounds.

Stevenson admitted that he didn’t do his best, saying that he felt uncomfortable during the whole fight.

Despite saying he wasn’t feeling ready for the fight, he said he was committed to fighting and getting the win no matter what.

When asked about a possible hand injury on the left side, Stevenson didn’t say anything more, making it clear that he wasn’t going to make excuses. It got a few boos to the crowd when nothing happened in the third.

Stevenson was very good at avoiding being caught, but he didn’t choose to react with a lot of offense. The American was winning rounds by marginally outlanding De Los Santos.

De Los Santos didn’t want to commit too much and leave himself open to punches back, so he didn’t go all out.

There were boos from the crowd that kept getting louder as the fight got to the halfway point. Stevenson seemed to have gotten safely ahead.

It wasn’t easy for De Los Santos to beat his opponent that the start for the second break either.

During round eight, De Los Santos pushed up and tried to land quick combos, but Stevenson always did enough to stop him and was never even slightly threatened.

The last few rounds were pretty much the same, and the American won the fight via his jab alone.

He was named the winner of the contest by a vote of all twelve people present, but fans were not happy with the outcome.

“You shouldn’t watch this fight. Both Shakur and De Los Santos are now smart about fighting, but they are too scared to fight.

Some people also said that the match showed Stevenson that she wouldn’t be able to beat Gervonta Davis.

Another fan said, “Listen, this fight was boring, but whenever there’s anything you can take out of this, it’s that Shakur has the best defensive boxer within the world.”