in prison and despised by a Spanish priest

The son of Rodolfo Sancho This Thursday, the 30-year-old girl will break the ‘barrier’ but there will be no parties, no candles and no presents. Daniel Sancho He is celebrating his birthday in Koh Samui prison, where he was admitted on August 7 for the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon Edwin ArrietaWhile awaiting a verdict after a trial that lasted almost three weeks, the chef is more alone than ever: he has not received visitors since last May and the Spanish priest his father contacted to provide him with support has refused to visit him.

The news broke a few days ago: Rodolfo, worried about his son’s loneliness, called Miguel Garaizabal, a religious man of Basque origin and resident in Bangkok, to ask him to console him in prison, as the missionary does with many other prisoners. The priest’s response: “It’s too far away for me.” Not only that: Garaizabal has told everything despite the discretion that Rodolfo asked him to keep and has predicted: “They will probably give him life imprisonment. But life imprisonment here is not perpetual. After one or two years, if you behave well, they will reduce it to life, which is fifty years.”

An unfortunate performance, as much or more than his words, and which has disappointed not only Rodolfo but also Daniel. This Wednesday, they say that the missionary has apologized to the protagonist of Sea of ​​Plastic: “This morning he apologized to Rodolfo for the statements he made. He is not a lawyer and he started to speculate.”they have assured in the program Together.

They also claim that “Daniel is calm” and that the prospects for sentencing remain optimistic: “According to what I’m told, It could be aggravated homicide, but not murder. That could be ten years, Daniel has no criminal record, his sentence could be reduced and maybe he could end up with an eight-year sentence, and In four or five years they can bring him to Spain to serve his sentence.“, said Juan Luis Galiacho. “The president of the court has a dossier that he has taken home and is analyzing it. Between now and August 28th…”