In his father’s footsteps: Carlo Ancelotti has a son who can also become a top coach

Carlo Ancelotti’s career will be the envy of anyone who has ever dreamed of connecting their life with football. As a player, he won Serie A three times and the European Cup (predecessor of the Champions League) twice, but achieved even more as a coach: he triumphed four times in the main continental club tournament and won gold medals in all top 5 championships. Such a powerful set of trophies naturally led to the fact that the Italian has millions of fans who consider him a real master.

But in 2024, Don Carlo will already be 65, which means that every team he created should be enjoyed to the maximum, because sooner or later the coach will want to retire. This is all the more likely since he has already achieved everything he could dream of. This certainly upsets fans of the great Italian, but there is good news for them – Davide Ancelotti, the son of the master, also shows great promise and can become a new idol.

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Why didn’t you become a player?

When your father has had an amazing football career and is literally idolized by countless fans, your son is simply destined to follow in his footsteps. As befits an Italian, Davide loves football very much, and until a certain age he played it himself – for Milan, where Carlo himself once played and coached. However, Ancelotti Jr. did not shine – he played only one friendly match for the adult Rossoneri, and he had no other experience other than the very deep Italian quagmire.

It is obvious that in terms of talent, the son as a player is very far behind his father. Davide, without denying this, admitted that he was not too interested yet. Being 30 years younger, he practically did not remember his dad as a football player, but from an early age he saw him coach. The guy liked to delve into tactical nuances in order to understand exactly how the talents of world stars, with whom he knew first-hand, were revealed.

Davide does not regret his short career as a football player, if it is at all appropriate to talk about it; he says that it gave him experience in being in a role opposite to that of a coach. Thanks to his father, thanks to some coaching wisdom, he could study at home every day, but to better understand all the nuances, he had to be in the shoes of a player – Ancelotti Jr. successfully coped with this task.

How did you become a coach?

Certain foundations were laid by his father during Davide’s childhood, but the guy quickly realized two things: firstly, this is not enough, and he needs to study fully, and secondly, he does not want to wait for a football retirement, playing for unknown Italian clubs, if he can start train as soon as possible. Therefore, Ancelotti Jr., without the slightest doubt, hung up his boots and began his own education.

A young coach without a big name of his own usually has to start somewhere from the bottom, but not in the case when your father coaches himself, and even very successfully. Carlo never doubted his son’s coaching abilities, especially since Ancelotti Jr. studied diligently, constantly gaining new skills. In 2012, he already worked at PSG, responsible for fitness, and then became an assistant fitness coach at Real Madrid.

In 2016, Davide received a coaching license A, and as the best student on the course. Meanwhile, Carlo, who was then heading Bayern Munich, had a vacant position as an assistant at the headquarters – and without hesitation, he offered the vacancy to his son. The son could not believe that it was possible – at the age of 26 to become involved in the management of such a large club! Doubts prevailed: What if you’re not ready, or critics will criticize you for the fact that the position was received not for real merit, but thanks to family connections. However, the father insisted.

Since then, Davide has been part of Carlo Ancelotti’s staff and moved to other clubs with him. After working in Bavaria, father and son went to Napoli, then to the relatively modest Everton, and are now working in Real Madrid. Family ties do not interfere with cooperation at all: on the contrary, only this assistant is not afraid to tell the eminent coach absolutely everything he thinks about the training process.

When will Davide Ancelotti start his own career?

In April 2022, Carlo fell ill with coronavirus and therefore could not manage the team. Even then, there were rumors that Davide’s informal debut as head coach would take place in the match against Celta, because it would be his son who would replace the absent father. Maybe it would have been so if it weren’t for the rules in force in football: if you don’t have a Pro license, you don’t have the right to lead a team.

In July 2023, Ancelotti Jr. received such a license and now has full right to coach teams as a head coach. He makes no secret of the fact that naturally, one day he would like to lead the club as a manager, because this is a logical goal for representatives of his profession. However, Davide insists that he is in no hurry: he values ​​his life in Madrid and understands that it is unlikely that he will be able to lead Real Madrid straight away, and as an assistant he has unrivaled conditions here to improve. In addition, at the moment, the young specialist is constrained by contractual obligations until 2026. Therefore, there is not even an approximate date for when the assistant will become number one.

Carlo Ancelotti himself believes that his son is gaining invaluable experience at the royal club, but at the same time is ready to begin an independent coaching career as a manager. If Davide wants to choose this path, his father will not hold him back or dissuade him.

This means that in the near future, football fans, having heard about the coaching genius of Ancelotti, may begin to ask a clarifying question about who exactly is meant.