In England they filter that Liverpool do not take their eyes off Mbappé

Madrid y Liverpool They face each other on the 28th in the Champions League final. It will be in Paris. Place where, curiously, the protagonist of another alternative confrontation between both teams: Kylian Mbappé. The PSG star is Florentino’s desire to put the tie to his new Bernabéu. An operation in which they have been working for years, having even offered 200 million euros last summer despite only having one year left on his contract bondynois. The Parisian club said no, making it clear that money is not a problem. The roadmap is clear and the white team is calm. Kylian has not renewed, rejecting various astronomical proposals, he has been walking around the Spanish capital these days accompanied by Achraf and Madrid hopes to present him before the pre-season tour of the United States. Nevertheless, Liverpool could entangle in those plans as filtered from England…

Photo by Kylian Mbappe

Miguel Delaney, in his weekly newsletter that is published every Friday in The Independent ensures that Mbappé has not yet agreed the terms of his contract with Real Madridadding that his future is not clear, also opening the possibility that he will still renew for PSG and giving hope to Liverpool. Los reds they have been the other great bidder in the race to take over Mbappé and this means that, when this information comes to light, in England there is speculation about the possibility that those of Klopp, who has recognized his admiration for the Bondy on several occasions (“From a sporting point of view, there’s not much reason not to sign him. What a player!” he said in 2019)make one last offer to try to torpedo the operation. From France it was already reported in January that those from Merseyside started ahead of Madrid to take over Mbappé and now that leak comes from the British Isles. Curiously, when there are less than two weeks left for the Champions League final between both teams.

The problem of image rights

The problem that Delaney clings to is that of image rights. “Madrid insists on having 50% of the image rights of the players in each contract that is negotiated at the Bernabéu. Mbappé’s representatives are not willing to give up so much and the environment close to the situation believes that the whites They made a mistake making that request.”argues the renowned journalist from The Independent. Delphine Verheyden, the footballer’s lawyer, is leading the battle against the French Federation for image rights. Not only because of the amount that Kylian perceives of them, but because the attacker does not want to lend its image to any type of advertising or communication campaign. He is very careful in this regard and PSG would have no problem giving in, as a desperate measure to seal the renewal.

The Liverpoolaccording to what they point out from England, would be attentive to the evolution of events to try to fish in a troubled river. It would not be a simple operation, since, for this, Salah or Mané would have to leave. Otherwise, the French striker’s wage lace would have no place. Both the Egyptian and the Senegalese end their relationship in 2023 and the renovations do not finish channeling. Salah has repeatedly said that it is not a monetary problem, but the handshake does not come. Case similar to that of a Mané for which, according to the German press, Bayern longs since they learned of Lewandowski’s intention to leave Munich. A puzzle whose pieces will begin to fit once the season ends. Until now, the external noise has not made Madrid change their position towards Mbappé one iota and they have remained calm…