In a surprise move, Christian McCaffrey of the 49ers makes Olivia Culpo cry at herself bachelorette party.

In a surprise move, Christian McCaffrey of the 49ers makes Olivia Culpo cry at herself bachelorette party.

NFL star Christian McCaffrey and his fiancée Olivia Culpo got extra attention this weekend while the 49ers were off because they had lost three games in a row.

Culpo was with her sisters as well as friends at her bachelorette party. She shared a video in TikTok on Saturday of a waiter giving her a “surprise to Christian.”

She hit a button on the remote that the waiter gave her, and fireworks went off far away. A running back “scores regardless of his bye week!” wrote one person.

The model as well as former Miss Universe shared the video on her personal account as well. People said nice things about McCaffrey’s “class.”

McCaffrey, who is 27 years old, and Culpo, who is 31 years old, met in June 2019. A couple of years ago, the television star dated Nick Jonas.

She went to Cabo for herself bachelorette party before getting married to the 49ers star, to whom that she got engaged in April.

Also, while Culpo had fun in Mexico, a man came up to her requesting her to use a button on a machine.

Olivia Culpo cried when Christian McCaffrey pull off the best surprise of her life at her bachelorette party within Cabo over the weekend.

The 49ers running back set off fireworks for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model while she was having drinks with her bachelorette party, which included sisters Sophia and Aurora Culpo, model Devon Windsor, as well as Sports Illustrated cover star Brooks Nader.

The bride-to-be got approached by a man in a TikTok video that Olivia shared. The man asked her to press a button on an electric box that was “a gift from Christian.”

When she turned around, she was amazed by the All-Pro running back’s bright fireworks show. He wasn’t on the trip because he was on his bye week.

McCaffrey is having an MVP-type season on the field, and he’s also doing well off the field. There was a recent event where the San Francisco 49ers fleeing showed Olivia Culpo how much he loved her.

When the two-time Pro Bowler was at an event near a river, he surprised the actor. Culpo was told to press a button that set off fireworks in the sky at night.

On Sunday night, before the game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Olivia Culpo and her boyfriend Christian McCaffrey got into a fight while the 49ers star hugged her on the steps.

While they were hugging, the model and actor said on social media that McCaffrey’s helmet hit her face and might have hurt her.

In that moment, McCaffrey led the 49ers to a 22-16 win in the Chargers at Levi’s Stadium. After a huge move from the Carolina Panthers to the 49ers, it was McCaffrey’s third game for the team.

But McCaffrey’s partner was already hurt. He ran for 38 yards and scored a touchdown and caught four passes for 39 yards.

McCaffrey’s mother, Lisa, and Culpo watched the game together in a private box at the stadium.

They would have loved seeing McCaffrey go into work on Sunday after putting on another powerful show.

Late in the game, McCaffrey scored on a two-yard run to give the Niners a 19-16 lead. They held on to beat the Chargers. Since joining the 49ers, he has scored four scores in three games.

The actress and model, 31, is getting married to the 27-year-old San Francisco 49ers player after getting engaged in April. In a TikTok video, she said she wants to start a family as soon as the wedding is over.

Olivia, who stars in “I Feel Pretty,” told her fans, “I think I’m going to rip out my IUD the day after my big day and start trying right away.”

In August 2020, she had surgery for her. This is syndrome in the hopes that it would help her feel better.

Olivia had earlier said she wasn’t sure if she could get pregnant because she has endometriosis, a painful condition in which cells that look like the lining of the uterus grow outside of it.

Olivia also talked about how lucky she felt to have met Christian on TikTok. She said, “For a while, I thought I was going to turn into a bachelorette, but here we are now.”