Improved version of Real against Madrid

Sheriff It was clear to him that the bad version of the Real was simply a game, not physically or that Osasuna and Alavés were tremendously superior to them. He repeated it several times in the previous press conference of the match against Madrid and his pupils have put their batteries.

The people of San Sebastian have curdled a good first half in an improved version of the Real, close to the one that placed him in the Champions League before the break. Sheriff he asked for daring, speed and bravery and his boys listened. Both the central and ZubeldiaSuperb, they broke the white pressure lines with filtered passes, which were missing in the first two days after the break.

The occasions, in any case, reached droppers. Just a distant shot from You
Normand and various actions of Isak that he could not complete in the last meters, generated some danger on the goal of Courtois. Everything to be decided in the second 45 minutes.