Imanol: “To win in Miranda we must make two goals”

“Let's go get them”. With those words Imanol Alguacil says goodbye to the press room of Zubieta in the previous round of the Copa semifinal in Anduva against Mirandés. The coach of the Royal Society can not help but get excited thinking about a hypothetical classification for the final and shows his absolute faith in his squad, which only Asier Illarramendi injury will be missing.

– Do you still think that to reach the final of Seville you have to win at Anduva?

Even more. I am convinced, and so we will go, to win the match. But, in addition, to win it, it will be necessary to score two goals, it is the way to reach the final, but I am calm because this team has been able to do it in all matches, but to reach the final it will take two goals in Miranda.

-The league match against Valladolid called it “the most important of the season.” Then this one?

This one is powerful. They are many years without reaching a final. We are in a game of being able to get it in the biggest club there is for me, with a super excited fans, with a terrible cup of the team winning all the matches and the last one is not missing, and the competition will force us to reach the final winning the last and also making two goals because I think it will be a goal match.

– In this match is it necessary to motivate the players or give them a more reassuring talk?

I don't know what will come out. I do not prepare the talks before the games, because I like to be myself, I like to notice what the players feel, and based on that talk, because they are moments and until it does not arrive you do not know what to say. The tickling has been around for a long time, we know that it is the most important game of the last and we want it not to be the most important this season.

– Are you worried about Anduva's peculiarity?

No. Those are myths. The field is similar to any field, with a heavy lawn but like that of Zubieta. It's like the pressure of San Mamés, the public squeezes like in other places. The field is what it is, the same distances, and the team is mature and prepared, and I am sure that we will play the game we want and hopefully that will serve us. Then it's about getting it right. It is true that the cup matches against top teams have solved them well, but in the league they have a few games without winning. We go with all the respect in the world, but convinced of being able to win, at the Bernabéu we were already able to win 3-4.

-How do you feel the players are?

The best news is that everyone wants to play, Llorente and Zurutuza are also pushing to take a place and get into the game. The team goes like a shot, everyone wants to play and that says it all.

– Are you worried that the second leg is similar to the first leg?

I don't know if it will be a copy or not. We had spaces and time, opportunities to find the free man, who could not read it because we were not successful. There were clear occasions to generate more than we generated, especially seeing the level of this team.

-How do you feel before such an important game?

It's complicated. I feel the same that you can feel (in allusion to the journalist), a tremendous desire that the time comes and that we are already in the final, but knowing that there are 90 minutes left and that we will have a bad time. But we are convinced that we have a unique opportunity and we do not know when the next one will come, but this is what we have won and we will suffer, and hopefully we will be able to reach the final because it is what we all crave. Many sensations and all different. The responsibility is terrible, but the desire and enthusiasm are maximum.

-Are you already clear about eleven for Anduva's party or do you have doubts?

No, as always. Normally one day before I always have it clear, and that of this match I have it very clear. We all go and convinced that those of us who are going out will be able to win the match.

– Do you feel that this semifinal and the dynamics of the team serve to claim on the bench of the Real?

I have always felt the same. The two times I've taken the team, I feel the same, because I feel respected by everyone. Nothing has changed, I am the same but with more games in first, but as a person I remain the same.

-You know that in front you will find a Mirandés sure to be able to give another surprise?

They are convinced that they will beat us 3-0, because they already know what it is to eliminate other top teams. But in front they have a team that is also convinced that it will win the game and also believes that it must make two goals to pass. But as we were able to do it, I'm sure we can get it

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