Imanol: “I am hurt but proud”

Sheriff he was “proud” after the match. “We have played a great game,” he said. “The team has been super brave and with the ball, from minute 15 to 45 everything we have done has been a beast. We have overcome their pressure and we have lacked success in that last pass, in the last shot, which is what unbalances the balance. At times we have been much superior but to win you have to be fine in both areas and we have lacked that ”.

The Oriotarra valued the difficulties in which his team put their rival. “Napoli has withdrawn, has shrunk water. I am very proud of everything we have done against a clear candidate to win the Scudetto ”. For this reason, he is convinced that “with Anoeta to burst, people would have vibrated and they would have dismissed us with a great ovation”.

Sensations that join the bitter drink of defeat. “I am proud and hurt because in a game like this we have not been able to score points.” A result that, in addition, puts the situation of Real in the group in check. “We knew from the beginning that it was going to be difficult and I don't eat my head too much. Things get complicated but seeing how the team is playing, how it works, I am convinced that we are going to fight until the end ”.

Imanol appreciated the performance of Sagnan. “It has entered without heating. In such a setting it was complicated. It was a bit nervous but he played a great game ”.

The technician clarified his words from the previous one on Maradona, which he also congratulated on his 60th birthday. “I answered a funny question and it was misunderstood. But I want to say that if I have a passion for football, it is because of how much it has transmitted to me. If I follow Naples it is because of him. It is one of the greatest of all time ”.

Gattuso He admitted that Real had put Napoli in difficulties and appreciated the effort of his players. “It was a more Champions League game than a Europa League game. They in the League do not exert such high pressure and it has generated difficulties for us. We had a very good game, “said the coach.

The transalpine coach pointed out that they tried to make the Real attack “from the outside. When Oyarzabal it has entered inside in the first minutes it has hurt us and we have tried to close that space “

Gattuso, which began with a memory of Maradona for his 60th birthday, he insisted that they came with “the utmost respect to Real Sociedad, a great team” and acknowledged that they had “been lucky” that the tuxri urdin fans had not been able to press from the stands.