“I’m single and I don’t do anything wrong”

There is always a hole for a patch and the rider finds them in record time. This time, in just five days. Last Wednesday, Maria Jose Suarez announced his breakup with Alvaro Muñoz Escassi After three years of relationship and this Monday he has confirmed that he maintains a very special friendship with Hiba Abouk. “She’s a friend of mine, I’m single and I’m not doing anything wrong by getting to know someone.”said Lara Dibildos’ ex.

We anticipated it from Informalia: : Álvaro Muñoz Escassi and Hiba Abouk are more than just friends. Last Saturday they were inseparable during the party organized by José Luis López ‘El Turronero’, to which the actress went as the rider’s companion. They did not hide and all the attendees could see them strolling through the fair, sharing secrets and giving each other very friendly hugs. The rider has not denied it: “Hiba is a friend of mine, I’m single and I’m not doing anything wrong by meeting someone”he said this Monday in TardeAR. If there was any doubt, Bea Archidona, who is replacing Ana Rosa Quintana during the summer holidays, has confirmed the story: “A person very close to both of them tells me that yes, they are getting to know each other, and that she is authorized by the parties to say so.”

Just a few hours earlier, María José Suárez vented her feelings on the street, confirming that the breakup with Escassi has not been, by any means, friendly: “I am in the process of assimilating everything that has happened in these ten days. I’m not going to run away and tell you everything is fine, I mean, things have happened. A week ago I was on a cruise with Alvaro and we were having a great time. Upon returning from the cruise I found out some very unpleasant news, which I spent three or four days absorbing in shock, and now I also find out about Hiba.”she said very hurt.

The model, who refused to go to the El Turronero party so as not to coincide with her ex, admits that these are very “unpleasant” days for her and her entire circle and that she needs to process and digest everything that has happened: “Right now what I want is for time to pass, to recover, to heal and not to know anything about this person, obviously.”