Illarramendi will be on leave for four more months

La Real will not have Asier
Illarramendi until the month of November. The mutrikuarra's ordeal will last four more months after he underwent surgery this morning at his adductor in London.

“To solve the inconvenience, the teacher Ernest
Schilders He has carried out a reconstruction of the anchorage of the muscle in its pubic origin, ”reported the medical report of the Txuri Urdin club, which set the estimated recovery period in the aforementioned four months.

Thus, the realistic captain will have to continue fighting against an accumulation of injuries that began on February 10, 2019 in Mestalla. Since then, he has only been able to play 254 official minutes in 511 days. He hasn't played since the fibula broke on August 30 in San Mamés. When his return seemed close, on June 14 he had to stop again and finally go through the operating room.