Illarramendi, very close to the operating room again

The fate of Asier
Illarramendi, who will not play again this season, seems to be the operating room again, in this case to repair his ailment in the right adductor. The footballer, after a long recovery of nine months, entered the call for the match against Osasuna, the first after the pandemic, but days later he suffered an injury to the left adductor, a priori the healthy one. The footballer has recently visited two eminences in the groin area, the pubis and the adductor, such as Gilles Reboul from Bordeaux and Ernest Schilders from London. The decision will be made in the coming days, but everything indicates that his destination is the operating room.

He had no problems during confinement and he thought he could be a signing for these last matches despite his long inactivity. However, he was not comfortable training, he had discomfort in the other adductor, the right one, and they tried all kinds of treatments. He had no trouble shorting or commuting, but it hurt when he kicked long or hard.

Year and a half with severe problems

Now, the problem is the right adductor, the same one in which he suffered a serious injury in February 2019, in the match against Valencia at Mestalla. That illness made him spend three months in the dry dock and allowed him to only participate in the last two games of the last League. The preseason started with pain, but played the first three league games. In the third, in San Mamés, he suffered a fibular fracture of his left leg. When they operated on that injury in September, they detected other fractures in the deltoid ligament and syndesmosis. After these long months of recovery, from that ailment he is fully recovered. What during this time has been giving him more war have been the adductors.