IFEMA Madrid Horse Week, best sporting event in 2023 for the APDM


IFEMA Madrid Horse Week, the largest equestrian event organized in Spain, has been chosen as the best event of 2023 by the Madrid Sports Press Association (APDM), which will present the award to its promoters at the VIII Annual Gala of the APDM on Monday, January 29 (8:00 p.m.) at El Beatriz Madrid Auditorium.

Considered the most important competition in the world in its field, the growth it has experienced in its eleven years of existence has been exponential. In the last edition, with 40,000 square meters dedicated to the equestrian world and an investment of 7 million euros, it brought together 300 horses and the best riders and horsewomen in the world ranking.

All of them competed for the 550,000 euros destined for prizes and registered 45,000 visitors. With a positive impact also for the capital of Spain on a tourist and economic level, IFEMA Madrid Horse Week has established itself as one of the most important events on the city's sports and social calendar, which has motivated the APDM's decision to choose it better. 2023 event.

IFEMA Madrid Horse Week takes over, as the best event, from the Acciona Spanish Golf Open. Previously, the APDM recognized the Mutua Madrid Master of tennis, the Vuelta a España, the Madrid Marathon, the LaLiga Clásico, the 2019 Champions League final and the World Football Summit.

The rest of the winners in their corresponding categories will be announced by the APDM in the coming days.