“If there is an audience in some cities before others, I am in favor”

Javier Tebas participated again tonight, for the fifth consecutive Sunday, in the Vamos program The Great Game of Movistar-Volver is Winning presented by Juanma Castaño. The president of LaLiga analyzed the current situation of Spanish football, which this week revolves around the expected return of the competition on June 10 with the 45 minutes of Rayo-Albacete that was suspended at rest on December 15. These are the most important reflections of the manager in the last weekend without competition, before the remaining 110 games of the 2019-2020 season are held in 39 days.

Confidence in the return from always: “I have always believed that we would return to play against what many thought. The problem was complicated and our plan was to return when we could. It has been difficult but we have succeeded.”

Public in the stadiums: “When possible, there must be fans in the stadiums, it is very important for the economic revival of the clubs, and in places where there can be, it is still a health issue. We have spent three weeks in to say that this was impossible because you have to have people in the stands. We will go in order. I am in favor of having people in the stands when possible. If you can in some cities before others, I am in favor “

Competition integrity: “There is sports integritis. Those who play against rivals who play in Europe during the week also have an advantage … We are working so that there is a protocol and it is coordinated with the CSD. That is my opinion. Later we will see what happens. Eibar-Real Society has already played behind closed doors with coronavirus. It was suspended because of the landfill, but it was already played with problems. If this pandemic had affected only four communities and not the rest, what would we have done? Play in the rest of stadiums that are not affected without an audience? Each one makes the decisions at the moment there is. What do we say? Do we all get upset? We are anticipating things that we cannot talk about. There is talk of capacity and percentages, and that will have to decide others. You have to see what happens with the phase openings. I am very afraid that there is a lot of relaxation. It worries me a lot. We have a tremendous responsibility. “

Contagions: “No player has been infected in these weeks, or anyone. And we are talking about more than 2,500 tests, there were five at the beginning that were around players, in the environment, who were infected. Players nothing. Then we did two more tests and neither “

Real Madrid will play in Valdebebas: “Each one makes his decisions. The capacity is the responsibility of the CSD. It is very important to see what happens with the phase openings. I see that there is a lot of relaxation, I am concerned about the health of footballers. “

Schedule changes: “In these weeks we have had contacts with audiovisual operators and we have realized that there will be more Asian fans at that time.”

Television broadcast: Spectators can choose to enjoy the game in virtual ambient sound or real sound. A real party, Eibar-Real Sociedad, has been chosen to do the tests. We have been working for a while on the lap and we have decided to give those two options to the spectator. We have worked with EA Sports for this. We will see a good virtual realization “

Opening hours next days: “Today they have finished reviewing the next two days. The complete calendar is not done. “

Development of the situation: “There is still a lot of tension. We have to continue to maintain that tension both in training and in games. Travel is organized by the League. Everything has to be organized and coordinated, health security cannot fail. We are playing a lot. “

Marketing actions: “Several streets in Bilbao, Seville or Madrid will have advertising actions. There are murals in major cities in the world such as Paris, London or Hong Kong. We are promoting the return of the competition. We are going to hold 60 press conferences to explain how the League returns ”

Means in the fields: “We have made a protocol. Everybody always complains. The health issue must be taken into account. Its not that easy. We have made the greatest effort possible. In the initial protocol there were no means. There are always discontents. Decisions have to be made. Three weeks ago they said we were crazy to go back to the competition. “

Some have helped us in this round: “When the season ends I will make a general reflection, they have done a lot of damage to the industry. Some call me and I say: 'we have returned despite your communication group …'. Many spat and spit on their own heads “

Jovic barbecue: “Jovic is not training with the group. He will not play or share a training place with his teammates. He is with the people he lives with, it was not the same as the case of the Sevilla players. You have given the correct explanations. I insist again that now we have to have even more tension, we are starting. We have 40 days of competition left ”

AS says that Casillas does not present his candidacy for the RFEF: “I'm not focused on that topic. I'm surprised they make choices so soon. It is not my priority ”

Football Friday and Monday next season: “I think there will be because we are going to agree with the Federation.”

Appearances on Movistar that are called 'Aló Presidente': “It is evident that the clubs and the president owe Movistar, we have to collaborate and help to make it work as well as possible.”