“If Juventus's problem is Cristiano, I wish we had more problems like this …”

Juventus' bad season has made Cristiano the center of criticism. A sector around Vecchia Signora blames the Portuguese star for the team's poor performance. However, This Friday it was Chiellini the captain of the Turin dressing room who has come out in defense of his teammate.

Juventus Shield / Flag

The Vecchia Signora defender has debunked the theory that Cristiano is a “problem” for the team. “If Juventus' problem is Cristiano Ronaldo, I wish we had more problems like this,” the veteran center-back began an interview with the Italian television channel Sky Sport.

The Juventus captain believes that the team, the coaches, the fans and the managers must focus all their efforts on finishing the season in the best possible way: “We cannot think about what happened and what could have happened. We have to reach the highest possible position, which may be the second, because Inter is far away, but that's where we aspire, “I know.