“If I were antiAthletic I wouldn't be here”

The presentation of Alex Berenguer In the press room of San Mamés it was used by the Navarrese player to clarify that he was not dragging bitter feelings against his new club at all since long ago he signed a significant clause. “If I was antiathletic, I don't think I would be here. That was one thing that happened in that transfer, but I am here, I am super happy to be in this great club, for all the effort made by the board, the president, and he will thank you on the field giving everything and fighting for this shirt ”, assured the footballer. “I really wanted to come to Athletic and they didn't have to convince me at all. I was very clear that I wanted to come here, “he added

The genesis of the operation made it known Rafa Alkorta. “We have been following him for a long time. We have finally got him to come to Athletic. He is a very, very versatile player, who can play in all attacking positions. There are more than 90 matches in the Italian league. I am sure that the Italian league does a lot and we hope that it will help the squad a lot with everything it knows, which are many things ”, explained the sports director.

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Alkorta, by the way, explained the amount of the operation. “The clause is 60 million euros and the figures are 10 million more variable (1.5),” he revealed before clarifying why on this occasion he has gone for a player with a contract when months ago he said that this was not appropriate. way of acting. “It changes that you are still there, you are still there, we continue to insist, their representatives continue to work non-stop. We had talked to him, with which there is a moment when we see that there is an opportunity, that the door is open and we go through it ”, he clarified.

At the most feasible moment

“It was done when it was feasible. Long ago it was not feasible. We have continued in the market, very attentive, Álex's reports are from a long time ago. At least since I have entered Lezama. We have seen him a lot and obviously the report that I give to the coach is that he is a player who has many characteristics that could come in handy, but that is the reality. We have followed him for a long time, but when we have been able to sink our teeth we have done so ”, he reiterated.

We had spoken with him, with which there is a moment that we see that there is an opportunity, that the door is open and we cross it

“It was difficult for Torino to sell a player like him and he gives him many solutions on the field. And this year when he started to play, surely the coach wouldn't want to, but we insisted. Negotiations have been going on for some time and in the end we have come to fruition ”, Alkorta congratulated himself.

A pleasure

Once the operation is complete, happiness is complete for all parties. “For me it is a great pleasure to be in this great club and to be able to wear these colors, to be able to defend them. As I have said in other interviews, I will do my best to defend these colors. I am very happy to be here. From the first day I arrived in Lezama, I have found a super-united group that looks like a family. They have welcomed me as one of them and that is super happy to be able to be here ”, said the player.

I don't have any pressure

“The only thing I have been able to see is that it is a great family, a great group, that they work like animals and that we will carry this forward for sure, one hundred percent. I will be able to contribute above all, as Rafa has said, I can play in various positions. I can play on the left, on the right, behind the striker and I can associate very well with the people who play in attack ”, explained Berenguer, who is free of greater tensions. “I don't have any pressure, I will give my best. What I know is to play soccer and I will give what I can give of myself, “he said.

More complete

“I have become a more complete player than I was when I left Osasuna. Let's say that I have hardened myself in Italian football and yes, some games I have had to play as a winger, especially as a winger, but I am at the disposal of whatever the coach asks of me and if he tells me that I have to play as a winger, I'll play, ”Berenguer offered. “I have always felt more comfortable on the left, but on the right I am also comfortable,” he added.