“If I had to reincarnate as another footballer it would be in Busquets”

Vicente del Bosque reviewed several current issues on Cadena SER's ‘El Larguero’ program. The former Spanish coach stated, for example, that “if Casillas insists, he can choose to be president of the Federation. I've always heard that he would like to be president, he had that interest. “

Del Bosque commented that “the Federation has done things well with the Selection. There have been four managers but we have played good football. We haven't had that bit of luck in Russia. “

Changing the subject, Del Bosque repeated something he had already said in other interviews. “If I had to reincarnate as another footballer it would be Busquets again. I have a tendency to value what the midfielders do: Makelele, Xabi Alonso … “

And he recalled that “10 years ago I was on my way to South Africa.” He also commented that “I had not seen any game from that time, but in this break I have seen all of the Euro Cup and the World Cup.” He added that “in South Africa it was not easy to beat us. I'm not saying we were brilliant, but we did a lot of things well relying on very good players. ”

Del Bosque assured that “when Iniesta scored the goal I did not address anyone. I clenched my fists because there were four minutes left and we had to wait until the end. It was necessary to have tranquility and intelligence ”. And he revealed that “we bet on all the matches. Puyol was in charge. And I think I won. But I didn't get rich. “

Regarding the offer that Atlético de Madrid has made to Real Madrid to play the games in their stadium, he said that “it is not surprising that Cerezo has offered Madrid their stadium. They are two great clubs that must get along. ”

And as for whether there should be a public in the stadiums, he said that “it has to be equal. LaLiga and CSD have performed well and we will be able to see the competition now when it was unthinkable three months ago. If you play with the public in some stadiums, yes and in others it would not be adulterating the competition. ”

He also referred to the five substitutions that can be made during a match. “I see the five changes as a problem for the coach. If you win, fine. But if he loses he will be criticized for each of the changes ”

Del Bosque wanted to clarify that “Pedro Sánchez did not offer me any position. I had my political moment when I helped in the formation of the AFE. It was time to do something for the sport and the footballer. “

In his opinion, “during the pandemic there was a lot of noise. Knowing that it is a difficult question, even the experts had doubts. Fortunately, with the collaboration of toilets we have come out ahead ”

Finally, he stated that “I have been fortunate to represent our country. One of the things that mark is sport, which has put us in the same place as any country in our environment. We have defects but many virtues ”.