If Bears trade Justin Fields, what are his best landing spots?

What are the best places for Justin Fields to go if the Bears choose to trade him?

Thanks to the Carolina Panthers, the Chicago Bears are getting closer and closer to having the first pick in the draft. The future of Justin Fields with the team is still unknown.

This season, he’s improved, but he still hasn’t shown enough consistency to make the Bears think that not picking a QB with the first pick was the best choice for them.

That being said, he has grown enough this year to make the trade market strong, if that’s where things end up. The other teams that need a quarterback should look into Fields as a good backup plan.

There will be a lot of teams in the draft that want to pick Drake Maye or Caleb Williams, but only two will be able to do so once the order is clear.

Bloomberg Sports’ Charles Robinson wrote on Friday about why NFL general managers believe transferring Fields is the best thing to do and what the Bears could get in return.
Here are some teams that would be good places for Fields to go in a trade following the season.

It seems like the Falcons would be the best fit for Fields, as long as head coach Arthur Smith can keep his job for a minimum of one more season. Desmond Ridder has lost too many players, and he could lose his job (again) before the end of the season.

It will also be hard for the Falcons to trade up to get She or Williams. If they want to move forward, they should probably try to trade for Fields.

Fields might be a good fit for Smith’s system, which is based on running the ball and play action. Also, the Falcons didn’t even call Lamar Jackson when he was said to be available during the summer.

After the Commanders lost to the Rams, Sam Howell was taken out of the game. This let Jacoby Brissett show how an NFL attack should be run to end the game.

Even though Howell will still start for the rest of the season, if they want to beat the Cowboys or their rivals in the NFC East, they’ll need someone to compete with him who at least has the green light to start.

If the price is right, Fields could be that guy. He can’t just walk in and start like in Atlanta, but he can beat out the other candidates to become the starter.

One of the main reasons the Chicago Bears turned things around in the second half is quarterback Justin Fields.

A past first-round pick, Fields has shown that he’s good enough to build a franchise around. However, the Bears’ current situation means that Fields will likely play elsewhere in 2024.

When the off-season comes around again, Chicago should move Fields for draft picks and pick either Drake Maye or Caleb Williams with the first pick.

Fields’ time in Chicago would end in a bad way, but it would also be the best thing for his future because he can grow with another NFL team.

Kennyy Pickett has had two seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers to show that he is ready to start at quarterback.

He has made less than 63 percent of his passes in 25 games, and his touchdown rate of 1.8% is one of the lowest in NFL history.

It is unlikely that the team will trade up for a top-10 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft in order to get one of the best quarterback prospects. This means that a trade for Fields is the best choice.

Since Pittsburgh doesn’t have an offensive coordinator right now, they could find a play-caller whose scheme works well with Fields’ skills.

With a quarterback who earned the third-best NFL QB rating (133.0) upon throws 20 yards or more downfield this season, the Steelers could free up George Pickens and use him more as a downfield threat.

Along with Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris, Fields would also help the running game, making the attack more dynamic.

He has the potential to be a top-12 quarterback, which is something this team hasn’t had in a long time.

To win the AFC North and maybe even go all the way to the Super Bowl, the Steelers need to get Fields in 2024.