Iceta only sees an agreement with the internationals as “possible” if the restructuring in the RFEF is “deep”


The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, stated this Friday that he only sees the agreement with the internationals of the Spanish women’s soccer team, recent world champions, as “possible”, if the restructuring in the Royal Spanish Federation (RFEF) is ” deep” and “fast.”

“The agreement will only be possible if the restructuring of RFEF is profound and rapid. I know that they had a deadline of 4 in the afternoon for the list to be made public and I suppose that the parties are doing their best to try to reach an agreement.” , he said in response to the possible refusal of the internationals to return to the national team in the first list of the new coach, Montse Tomé.

In the presentation of the publication and website ‘Green Book for the Sustainable Management of Cultural Heritage’, Miquel Iceta recalled that after the ‘Rubiales case’ all sports structures must realize “that there is a very great demand” and that they want to “deep and rapid changes.”

“Those structures that know how to respond to this social demand, that’s it, they are going to do a good service to society. If any of them were not up to the task and did not promote the changes that are demanded or did not act with due diligence, they will not to live up to what Spanish society demands. I hope that this agreement occurs because the women’s team is the spearhead of a demand,” she wished.

Iceta regretted that the women’s team had to win a World Cup “to be heard.” “It is worth it for all of us to reflect on it, but also on the difficulty of many women who do not have the prominence or media exposure that the players are having,” she highlighted.