Zlatan Ibrahimovic has returned to San Remo tonight. After its premiere on Tuesday, the next day he returned to Milan for the Rossoneri game against Udinese, finished 1-1. The striker is injured, but he did not change his plans and returned to the contest for Thursday's gala, being a great protagonist.

After having explained to the presenter Amadeus, several times, that this is “his Festival” and having scolded him “for not having transferred him to Milan to his home”, the forward recounted the setback that he experienced hours before and that delayed his arrival. A traffic accident caused a traffic jam on the highway. After almost three hours standing still, the player got out of his car and hitchhiked, riding a motorcycle with a stranger.

“Luckily I was a Milan fan,” he revealed Ibra, which showed a video recorded during the journey, “although upon arrival he revealed to me that it was his first time on a highway.” Then, on the stage of the Ariston theater, the highly anticipated meeting with his old man Sinisa Mihajlovic.

Zlatan recounted their great friendship, “started with a head butt”, and that during the technician's illness, he overcame leukemiaHe was not able to encourage him: “I couldn't get the words out. He gave me strength and tried to convince me to go to Bologna.”

Mihajlovic, for its part, He teased him for the only trophy missing from his record: “Zlatan envies me for the Champions League. There are those who play it and those who win it. I won it. ” The interview ended with the couple singing a song, “Io Vagabondo.” along with the presenters, Amadeus and Fiorello. Ibra tried with little success, showing his most ironic side and, although it sounds strange, humble. Social networks surrendered to a scene that “is already the history of San Remo.”


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