Ibra and the joke about Raiola: “He would tell me to steal more money…”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic kept his word again. He arrived with Milan eleventh and in trouble, and he did so by promising that, with him, the team would win again. At the age of 40, today, he was able to celebrate the twelfth league title of his career and, speaking on ‘DAZN’ and ‘Sky’, he boasted about it without biting his tongue: “It is my greatest satisfaction. When I said that Milan would have returned to the top with me, many laughed, and here we are. Milan has changed a lot, I passed on what I could to the youngsters, who needed a guide.”.

Photo of de Ibrahimovic

The striker obviously had a special dedication for the umpteenth success of his career: “I dedicate this Scudetto to Mino Raiola. It was very close to Napoli, he told me that he was the only one who could save Milan. That’s how it went. What would he have told me today? That he should play about 10 more years, so we steal more money.”he said laughing.

Shield/Flag Milan

About his future, the Swede did not want to leave too many clues: “I must be fine and see how my situation is. When I am in the green I continue to make a difference. I suffered too much, physically and personally, and now I won this trophy. I was afraid of retiring, but I want to do it the way I want.”.