Iborra: “I don't think anyone is clear about the issue of hands”

Vicente Iborra, Villarreal midfielder, has recognized that right now “nobody is clear about the issue of hands”, ensuring that it is something that one must “seek unanimity in this subject”. For Iborra, the VAR is that: “nobody is clear about the criteria of the hands. If there is a natural gesture that tells you that you do not want to make hands, put them behind your back. It's what Pau did and they punished penalty. He can't cut them. I don't know, there is no single criterion. It is a fuss for everyone and is something that must be clarified to reach that unique criterion, “he said.

Streak of two defeats: I think we can extract very positive things from both parties. Now we have a very important game at home. If we win, we get hooked to the top positions again. We would look forward to the positions above. Now, we only think of Leganés. It is true that many things have happened, but we have to try to improve as a team. There are other people's aspects that do not depend on us. We must be stronger, go over all the obstacles that are presented to us and pull forward because we cannot do anything under certain circumstances.

VAR: “I do not want to create controversy because I think that each week they benefit and harm someone. This week it is our turn to be harmed. In the game the other day, there are several key moves that decant the game. I was very even. If I had continued the tie marker would have had our chances. These actions force you to come back and are difficult to understand because we have the VAR that serves to analyze and rectify certain decisions, but it is not being done. No one is clear about the criteria of the hands. a natural gesture that tells you that he does not want to make hands is to put them behind his back, it’s what Pau did and they took a penalty. He can’t cut them. I don’t know, there’s no single criterion. It’s a fuss for everyone and it’s something that it must be clarified to reach that unique criterion. “

We penalize the goals against: “Offensively, throughout the season, we have been a team that generates chances, finds goal and scores goals. We are penalized a lot by the chances of the rivals. With little, sometimes, they hurt us a lot. It is something that we must improve and work. I think that nobody likes not to know what happens in each action, it would be good for everyone, the arbitration committee should make it clear what the unique criterion is, players and fans must be clear about it, especially having a tool like the VAR that allows analyzing the plays and be fair. If it is not, and we do not use it well, I prefer human error. I hope that it is corrected and that some guidelines are given so that we are all clear about what happens in each action. “

Coronavirus: “It would be very brave to comment without being an expert on the subject. I fully trust the competent professionals in this area. We take preventive measures to prevent it from spreading. Honestly, I do not understand that matches are held behind closed doors when other events are held. that can also cause the spread of the virus. I think it would be very alarming for a situation in which we should have respect, but not dramatize. We want to play with our fans. Playing at home is very important. It would not seem fair or right for them to be played some games behind closed doors and others not. “

Europe Objective: “We are very excited. We are in the most important phase to reach the final goal, after a lot of work. What we want is to win again against a very demanding opponent who plays his chances of going down. He will not make things easy for us. “If we do things right, we will be able to achieve victory. If we do, we will put ourselves in a beautiful situation to face our goal with expectations and enthusiasm.”

Leganés: “He is a very tough opponent. He plays his options of maintaining the category. Nowadays it is very difficult to win a game. We must be prepared for everything that can happen. Having a prepared mind, let's start winning or losing. The game lasts 90 minutes and can be decided at any minute. We are aware of the difficulty of the crash. “

March games: “We cannot think beyond the Leganés. We have a very demanding calendar. At home, we have to be a strong team, which wins the matches and lets out few points. If we do so and try to improve the visits, we can get the objective. We just have to think about Sunday's game. Don't look further. “

Home key: “Despite the defeats of the last two games, we have seen that we are able to win any team away from home. We must improve certain aspects that penalize us, but outside the home we can also score points. Everything happens to win at home against him Leganés. It would be three moral points to face the clash against RC Celta de Vigo, which will be very complicated by the situation they are going through. “

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