Ibe relates her depression: “I am in a dark place …”

Jordan Ibe has wanted to openly relate the hard personal moment he is living. It is not usual to see a footballer speak openly about a subject like the depression and less when it has reached the elite of soccer. The Derby County winger, however, has posted a post on his Instagram account in which he apologizes to all the fans for what is happening to him. It is expected, yes, that he can return to the playing fields soon.

I want to apologize to all the fans in the world. I am in a dark place due to suffering from depression. It is not a plan for the media or for my name to be on everyone's lips. I just find things really difficult. I appreciate all the love and messages from everyone around the world. These are difficult times in general, not only for me, but for everyone because of this pandemic. I have the full support of my entire family and Derby County. I'll heal myself and this, with which I am one hundred percent committed. Not only for my family, close friends or my beautiful daughter, but for me, “explains the footballer through a story on his Instagram account.

Until now, the reasons why Jordon Ibe was separated from the team were unknown. Even coach Wayne Rooney told a press conference that an internal investigation had been launched. This study was concluded, as the Manchester United legend announced, but refused to reveal it publicly. It is the player himself who has been in charge of making it known, although it remains a taboo matter in society in general and in sport in particular. Despite the recent revelation, the coach himself acknowledged that the attacker's return to training is imminent.

Derby County awaits you with open arms. Some health problems left him out of the first months of competition. He even played with the B team to get a rhythm. With the 'elders', he has only played three minutes so far this season with Stoke City and has sat on the bench against Millwall, Brentford and Preston. Since that December 26, Ibe has accumulated four games without entering the list, for the reasons that he himself has decided to tell on his social networks.

Despite the fact that this campaign has not yet delivered the level expected of it, Jordan Ibe pointed to a great footballer in the Premier League. He played twelve Premier matches with Liverpool, in the 2014-15 season, with only 19 years. In the next he enjoyed more confidence, wearing the red shirt 27 times and with stripes. He did not offer the performance that was expected of him and ended up going to Bournemouth. Nor did he live his most brilliant stage there. Despite being a starter, he was losing prominence. It was expected that in Derby County he would recover his best version and he would establish himself as a great top-notch player in later years. At the moment, various problems and the depression he suffers from have prevented him. But, as he himself says, he is already closer to coming out of his hole.

I am in a dark place due to suffering from depression

Jordan ibe

Saul's example

Although the Atlético de Madrid footballer has not mentioned the word depression at any time, he has dared to speak publicly about the problems he has had in recent months due to the situation he suffers as a mattress maker. The player has lost ownership and has explained in front of the cameras that it has affected him on a personal level: “Football is not just eleven against eleven, it feels a lot and what happens on the grass is transferred to the family, to the relationship with people and if you see that it does not come out is complicated, in the end the work pays. It is not only the work that is seen, it seems that a player is losing confidence … There are people who do not help much, then others who do and that is the one you stay with“.

Saúl, excited, thanked the fans for all the support they have given him in recent months: “I have to thank a lot of people. The other day a part of the fans came to encourage me and that helps a lot. I thank you and I will continue working so that you can be proud of the work on the field. “The rojiblanco's case is one of all those players who do not go through a good personal situation, despite the generalized idea that a footballer has a dream life. Jordan Ibe has narrated it publicly and will continue to fight to face this harsh disease.