“I wouldn’t want him as an enemy”

The ‘Escassi soap opera’ is by no means the first that this Sevillian heartthrob, expert in love scandals, has starred in. Almost ten years ago, after breaking up with Sonia Ferrer, a girlfriend of the Sevillian came to the fore called Carolina Martin She said that she had a brief relationship with the jockey. This woman said that he was still in love with Sonia Ferrer, but also that he had her because he kept a “very strong” sex video of her. She already revealed that Escassi liked to have threesomes and that his finances were going through a very bad time. “Álvaro is still in love with Sonia, but he wants revenge on her,” said Carolina.

Carolina Martín then revealed some of the Andalusian’s character traits that give clues about what is happening now. “He is cheerful, affectionate, but also manipulative. He wanted me to say that we had been dating for longer than in reality, he told me to do him a favour and not embarrass him and he told me what I had to say. If I have experienced those things in a little over a month, I don’t want to imagine what that girl must have gone through with Sonia.”

Specifically, Sonia Ferrer was mentioned in Carolina’s story: “There are things that she has told me about Sonia that are so strong that I don’t understand how she could have told them to me. They would greatly damage Sonia’s image.. But very strong. I think he is still in love with Sonia, although on one occasion he told me that he lived to screw her,” repeated this ‘passing lover’ of María José Suárez’s ex.

It was reported that Escassi asks all women, including Sonia, for something more than just intimate partners, referring to his fondness for threesomes. “Escassi claims that he has Sonia Ferrer under his thumb because he has a very strong video of her,” said journalist Gustavo González.

Let us remember Sonia Ferrer’s reaction when Alvaro Muñoz Escassi reported on the set of From Fridayhaving been extorted by a woman who allegedly asked him for 1,500 euros. He was referring to Valerie, a 29-year-old trans woman with whom he allegedly had sexual relations while he was still dating María José Suárez. He says they were in an open relationship, but she denies it. However, the Sevillian’s lover is preparing to give interviews. Informalia He was able to find out that he negotiated with the magazine Readings. However, Sonia Ferrer, another of the (many) women who have passed through his life, pointed out the danger of confronting Escassi. “Álvaro has done what he had to do and that is to denounce this person who is extorting him. I think that the person who is extorting him does not know him and does not know who he is dealing with and will probably end up losing,” the journalist explained on Cuatro.

Sonia invited us to reflect on the silences surrounding the rider’s disloyalties. In all this time, no one has spoken ill of him publicly. “Given everything we know about Alvaro and having left so many ‘corpses’ along the way, don’t you find it surprising that no one comes out speaking ill of him?”. Ferrer clarified on the Mediaset set that she was not going to say much more about her ex-boyfriend. However, she did say one sentence: “I wouldn’t want to have him as an enemy”“I think he doesn’t have them or he knows very well how to get out of situations and he is a survivor, there are many ways to see it. “Of course, I wouldn’t mess with him.”she added. Regarding the relationship that Escassi shared with María José Suárez, the journalist stated: “I don’t know the relationship they had so I can’t evaluate it, I don’t know if it was an open relationship.”she said she wasn’t, so I think it was just open on his part”. He explained that he was playing his cards right by “coming forward and telling his truth.”