“I think that with 38 points we will save ourselves”

The Cádiz coach acknowledged that the bar for permanence has been raised in recent days

Sergio González, coach of Cádiz

Sergio González, coach of Cádiz


The coach of Cádiz CF, Sergio González, does his accounts thinking about what the team may need (he adds 35 points) to achieve permanence. “We have to know that our path is our own, that we have to score 37, 38 or 39 points,” he said on the Movistar program ‘El Tercer Tiempo’.

“A month ago we all had a save with fewer points. We thought it could be worth it with 35 or 36, but all of us at the bottom are in need. There have been games with unexpected results and the necessary points will be more, I think that with 38 we can be saved, but that will be at least,” he added.

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