“I think I know where Haaland will play on September 1.”

Hans-Joachim Watzke, CEO of Borussia Dortmund, has given an interview on the BBC in which he has once again been blunt about the future of Erling Haaland. According to the president's testimony, the club has no need to sell. He also charged the press and recalled cases like that of Jadon Sancho, who aimed to leave last summer and stayed in Signal Iduna Park. But perhaps the most striking thing about Watzke's words is his vision for the future for 2021-22: “The only way is to look at where Haaland will play after September 1. I think I know where Haaland will play, but that's all I have to say …“.

Statements, without context, could be unsettling. However, Watzke maintained a linear and clear speech about his intentions. First of all, on the economic situation of Dortmund: “When COVID-19 arrived, we had no debt. Not a euro. Therefore, we are in a comfortable situation. We do not have to sell a player. That's important. ”He then sent a clear message to all those who believe Haaland will be out for sure this summer.

“The rich clubs of the world must know that when they want a Borussia Dortmund player there are two possibilities. The first is that I tell them they have no chance. Other times, I tell them that this is the price. So they must know that this is the price, not another price. We are very clear and very honest, “says the club's executive director. Interpreting his words, either Haaland is not for sale or it will only come at an exorbitant price.

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The Jadon Sancho case

The last summer, Manchester United insisted on signing Jadon Sancho. Such was the confidence of the Mancunian entity that the English media took the signing for granted. Watzke is not too fond of rumors: “I get tired of it. Last summer, everyone in Europe, all the journalists, said that Sancho would play for Manchester United or wherever. But he still plays for Borussia Dortmund. ANow everyone writes that Erling Haaland will play for Real Madrid next season. In Madrid or for Barcelona or for one side or the other“.

It is then when he sentenced the header phrase: “I think I know where Haaland will play“Such testimony, together with the forceful statement in the BBC interview, seems to indicate that Watzke will take the first possible path: the Norwegian is not for sale. In case the desire of the footballer or the strong insistence of other clubs forces him to take the other route, he will ask for a high amount. So much so that he is able to articulate, in mid-April, that his top star will continue to wear his colors for at least one more season.

Charge against Guardiola

Pep Guardiola heated up the previous leg of the quarterfinals between City and Dortmund, arguing that the German club pays a lot of money to agents to attract young talent. A few words that have not pleased Watzke, very critical of the English transfer policy and the opinions of his coach accordingly: “In the last five years, almost a billion euros have been spent on new players. Who has the possibility to do this? You don't have to criticize other clubs. Dortmund is not a club that should have great visions because they do not have a lot of money. If we could spend a billion, then we could have visions. What I want is for us to achieve the status of being one of the best. “

However, he recognizes the performance and merit of City, although he is confident ahead of the match tonight: “Before the first game in Manchester, my opinion was that we had a 10% chance. Now we have a much higher percentage. I know Guardiola very well, he is one of the best coaches in the world. But it is clear that if you are a City coach and they have spent so much money on the team it is because in Abu Dhabi they want to win the Champions League“.