“I have savored everything very intensely”

The Osasuna player Oier Sanjurjo claimed to have savored his entire career “with great intensity” after playing more than 350 games with the Navarrese team’s shirt.

“I landed in Tajonar when I was 17 years old. I looked at my teammates and saw that they were better than me. Little by little I was making my way thanks to conditions such as momentum, always being there to add and to lend a hand. With those qualities I made my way”, he recalled about his beginnings in the lower categories after the farewell ceremony that took place in El Sadar.

Regarding his future, Estella’s stated the following at a press conference: “I don’t even know what’s going to happen. Inevitably I have thought about what I am going to do and I have realized that I have some pitera left. We will see something that fits and I will value it with my family. Let it be something attractive and fill us”.

“I am not in a position to be able to think much further. The future does not exist, only now. Right now it’s time to deal with this situation of mixed emotions and feelings”, added the captain.

The Navarrese will say goodbye definitively this Sunday with his people against Mallorca, a “super special” day in which he will leave the red shirt after more than 14 seasons that have led him to become a club legend.

“If I haven’t played as much it’s because that little point has been missing. The reality is what it is and I have no grudge against anyone, “he acknowledged after his low participation in the season of his goodbye.

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Oier Sanjurjo received today the recognition of Osasunism

He recalled the last promotion to the First Division in the first course of Jagoba Arrasate at the helm of the team: “we had a spectacular year, being superior to many rivals and everything went smoothly. There was joy and connection with the stands”.

“Others leave and others arrive. Puñal left and Miguel Flaño was there and we have been teaching each other values ​​on a day-to-day basis and my teammates have them, ”he replied when asked about his successor as captain of Osasuna.

He recalled his worst moment as a rojillo: “the year I injured my second knee I was on the wire. I was a few minutes away from having to retire. I saved a match ball and look what came after that.”

“I have been on the verge of bankruptcy, but I have barely held on. I have left all my tears at home because I have been rehearsing the speech, I have come empty and it could have been a little more fluid”, commented Oier after the farewell ceremony in El Sadar in which more than 3,000 rojillos gathered.