“I feel like leaving…”

The designer has enjoyed a weekend getaway to Ibiza. After her breakup with businessman Enrique Solís, Tamara Falcó’s ex, Vicky Martin Berrocal She has indulged herself in a spectacular paradise resort where she has rested, sunbathed and shown off her hot body in a bikini. The images of her ‘retirement’, although beautiful, have upset some of her followers, who do not understand the change in attitude, and above all in image, of the Huelva native: “I lose 8 kilos and I am more wrinkled than a raisin with everything hanging out, belly, arms, legs and these girls lose 20 and have great skin, a great belly, great arms… I don’t understand anything.”

Manuel Díaz El Cordobés’ ex was one of the pioneers of Body Positive, the movement that encouraged people to accept and love their bodies as they were: with their extra pounds, stretch marks, cellulite, scars… But three years ago Vicky changed her habits and adopted a healthy lifestyle, controlling her diet and daily exercise with a personal trainer. Now, at 51 years old, she boasts a much more stylized and slim figure, something that has disappointed her followers: “Well, I’m a little… sad? I’ve always followed you, I’m old and have a few pounds. I liked how you showed off your body and now, I don’t know how I feel,” says another user. “Why don’t you pose standing up, like always?” says another. “I read on your IG last year that you only wore a swimsuit and always black. The change is surprising,” adds another. And it doesn’t end there, because many believe that Vicky has used filters for her photos and even had some cosmetic touch-ups done: “The photos are super retouched. It’s obvious that she’s lost a lot of weight but…”, “You’ve really done some styling, my goodness”…

She has responded to the criticism by saying that all she has done is take care of herself and that she owes her figure to physical exercise: “Sport, lots of sport. I’ve been doing it for three years. Try it because you’ll notice.” She also claims that the photos are not retouched and that she has not undergone any cosmetic treatments: “Three years of doing sports and eating very healthy.” And she even laughs at some comments: “Look, that body is not yours,” says one user; “Hahahahaha but girl, more mine than anything,” Vicky replies.

She takes the most negative comments with humour and patience, and other followers applaud the designer’s power: “Vicky, you are an example of a woman who knows how to take care of herself”, “How elegant” or “You are getting prettier every day” are other messages that can be read on her comments wall.