The good news in Sevilla last Sunday in which the team of Julen Lopetegui beat the Sporting by penalties the Cinco Violins trophy was the reappearance of Jesús Fernández, ‘Suso’, after eight months of inactivity. The Cadiz player played about 15 minutes and felt like a footballer again, as he has acknowledged to the club’s media.

“I feel fine. I’ve been waiting for yesterday for a long time and I’m quite happy to have taken a weight off my shoulders by coming back, after not being able to do it last season. It hasn’t been easy, how everything happened, I injured my hamstring in the match with him Alaves, I relapsed, I recovered and training with my teammates in a jump my ankle came off… I’ve been standing for a long time and I’ve already taken off that weight and even if it was 15 minutes I’m happy”, said the winger.

“This summer I haven’t stopped, I’ve spent all my time training and I’m already at that moment where I’m almost 100%, although I still need to continue competing to be at my best with my teammates. On Sunday I felt like a footballer again, I felt that tingling feeling of playing again and feeling my teammates, my rivals, the atmosphere of the stadiums… during this time we have been touching little things and the body you want hasn’t changed, the way of stepping… but I try to find myself as best as possible and hitting the key”, he adds.

“The main objective is to play as much as possible, since it is the way to pick up the rhythm and intensity of my teammates. I have been unemployed for eight months and it shows, I have not been able to stop and go on vacation because then the ankle suffers. I feel comfortable inside between the lines and I’m also comfortable on the wing… Now it’s difficult to find teams with a midfielder, now football is much more physical”, adds Suso, who has worked hard to get back on the pitch.

The selection, another see the goal

breast keeps with great memory when he was international precisely with Lopetegui. Now he is looking to start feeling good to come back. “One of the objectives of last year, with the team doing very well, was to return to the national team. But now I first seek to feel good, find myself and play as much as possible… Christmas He congratulated me for feeling part of the group again, last year was a strange year and the coach knows me and I will try to help the team as much as possible”, explains the footballer, who appreciates the work he is doing Lopetegui in the Sevilla: “In football, it is rare for a coach to endure for so long and the coach is an important fact, since the results have been very good, but his pace has been outstanding”.

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