“I didn't speak to Bale before he left”

Bale was one of the protagonists of the appearance of Zidane in the preview of the duel that Real Madrid plays tomorrow against Real Sociedad in San Sebastián.

Bale's departure

“It is a complicated subject. There are negotiations and he is in London. I've never had a problem with him. I know what he has done in this club and no one is going to erase that. They have been different circumstances. Your departure is not signed or done. We have not had problems. That has not happened. I wish you all the best”.

They point to him as the culprit of Bale's march

“No because it is not like that. Whether it bothers me or not is the least of it. These are things that can happen, due to different circumstances, but what I can say is that it is not done yet “

Bale's farewell

“I did not speak with him. I think what he has done here has been phenomenal, there is no need to discuss these things. He has won a lot at Real Madrid, everyone who passes through here knows where they are going and has shown his qualities. Now let's see what happens “

What does Madrid win or lose without Bale

“It's not about that. Each one will have their opinion. This is the life of a footballer and a club. At the moment he is our player and the issue has to be closed. We are not going to talk about the things that do not make sense to do so “

If you've done everything you can to get Bale back

“You guys are saying that lately. I'm not going to talk about the player. We know what it is and what it has done for seven years. I think that is also what he wants to do and there I cannot go into these matters. These are things that happen on a soccer team. You are not going to make me say the opposite of what I have always said, that he has been a spectacular player “

Bale has left over this year

“I don `t believe. Life is like that, you have to accept things. And so is he. If he has stayed, it is for something and now we are back on this issue. The most important thing is what the player wants to do. My opinion is the same, I will not say anything more than I always say. We have to be together, but it is the player who chooses “

A weight has been lifted

“No, nothing. I want you to understand that I have never had problems with Bale and he has not been a burden. Things are as they are. We have 25 players. If it is true that he did not play what he should for several things but that's it. The position of coach is like that. If it is not Bale this year will be another. We are 25, I count on everyone and the most important thing is that the players compete ”