How to Watch Multiple Sporting Events Simultaneously

Although sports typically have their seasons, there seems to be quite a bit of overlap. And even if it’s just a single sport, you might want to see two or three (or more) of the games that are happening on the same day. How can you do that? Well, short of cloning yourself or bending space and time, you could invest in multiple screens or stacked monitors that can stream multiple channels, streaming services, or live stream feeds so that you can watch them all. 

Side-by-side setups for multiple monitors have been around for a long time. They’re most commonly found in desktop applications for offices, gamers, creators, and others, but you may also find them in people’s living rooms, dens, or basements as a means to watch shows and events, play games, and more. 

Using multiple screens in a side-by-side configuration might not always be ideal, depending on the events you’re watching. Fortunately, there’s another option. You can create a stacked monitor setup with products like the Geminos stacked monitors.

The Benefits of Stacked Monitors 

If you’ve got a capable device, you might even be able to stream multiple events or services at once on a single screen. Of course, that’s not going to do you a lot of good when you can barely see each event because of how small the viewing window is. With stacked monitors, you enjoy:

  • More flexibility to take the game wherever you are so that you can watch every moment your way, on your favorite device. 
  • Ergonomic viewing that is more neck- and head-friendly, preventing posture issues like hunching. 
  • Premium high-quality displays that let you catch every detail in FHD. 
  • A less expensive investment than a fixed monitor setup. 
  • Less eye strain because you have screens where they should be and larger viewing windows for each event. 

Using a setup like the Geminos stacked monitors will give you a chance to create the perfect streaming sports platform for your viewing pleasure. All that’s left to do is set up the monitors and start watching your events.

How to Set Your Events 

Once you set up your stacked monitors, you’ll have the choice of what each one is used to display. Find out where your events are playing and then set one monitor to play each event. You can add stacked monitors to an existing monitor or use them on their own as your main screen. 

For example, if you are streaming a football game from and a UFC fight from the UFC app, you can set the app up on one screen and on the other. Then, when the events start, they will broadcast simultaneously so that you don’t miss a second of any event. 

You can watch just about any sports you can stream, depending on the services that you have. Some sporting events may have premium access restrictions or special purchases, too, so be sure to consider that when setting up your multi-event sports viewing. 

YouTube has joined the ranks of Fubo and other Multiview providers as of 2023, so more screens means more access to your shows and sports alike. 

It doesn’t get much easier than this – just plug in the monitors, pick your streaming events, and sit back and enjoy the games!

Take Your Entertainment to the Next Level 

With portable multiple monitor setups, you can do more than just work and get things done. You can also enjoy better entertainment, such as in the case of watching multiple sporting events at the same time. And instead of spending thousands on a home theater setup that you can’t move, you can get a portable solution for a fraction of the cost. 

Be the envy of all your friends and make sure that you never miss a minute of the action with stacked monitors. Never before has it been so easy to watch all your favorite sports, no matter where you are or what type of budget you have. Before you invest in a huge setup for multi-streaming and broadcasting, check out the versatility of mobile stacked monitors.   

And if you don’t already have subscriptions to your favorite sports channels or apps, you can use the money you save to sign up for more so that you truly can watch any sporting event that you want. Start enjoying your sports differently with stacked monitors now.