how to define the royal family in mini format

Charles III, 75, ascended the throne two years ago. After the death of Elizabeth II, in September 2022, he became the longest-living King. With an intense work schedule and his oncological treatment, the monarch has faced his most difficult year. Two projects then emerged that made headlines and involved the sovereign and his son William: the one known as soft regency designed for the first-born during the months when Carlos was on leave; and the operation Menai Bridge, the monarch’s protocol for his funeral. These two programs did nothing to calm the waters surrounding Carlos’s health. Quite the opposite. What steps is William preparing on his way to the throne?

We started this path through Carlos himself. The head of the House of Windsor is focused on his plans to reduce the Royal Family to a minimum. That is, mini format. This strategy is what Don Felipe carried out after his proclamation, ten years ago. After the retirement of Don Juan Carlos, in June 2019, the family has been reduced to the Kings, their daughters and Doña Sofía, as it appears in the newly released Casa Real Instagram profile. On that roadmap is the King of England. This is the conclusion of the royal observer and analyst, the British Richard Eden, who a few days ago launched Daily Mail the opinion that the sovereign wants to slim down the House, as stated Woman Today. This idea transcended after the iconic (and brief) photograph of Trooping The Colour, on the balcony of Buckingham this year: the Kings, with the heirs, the grandchildren, the Wessex (the Duke of Edinburgh and his wife) and the princess Ana.

Operation Menai Bridge was added to this strategy. The monarch, who has been fighting a brave battle against cancer since the beginning of February at the same time as his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, 42, reviews and updates the protocols of his funeral that bear the same title: Menai Bridge. In the wake of Operation London Bridge, which recorded all the logistics and organization of Elizabeth II’s funeral, the Welsh suspension bridge gives its name to all the funeral events related to the death of the monarch. These protocols establish what the official mourning and state funeral will be like. The King works on this operation with his Buckingham Palace team.