How to bet on golf tournaments? 


Golf is extremely popular, and requires a ton of investment for numerous golf equipment. Just like every other sport in the world, it comes with betting. Although golf is a rather intricate sport, wagering on tournaments is quite lucrative, hence the reason millions are constantly betting and staking. The rise of online sports betting has also transformed golf into an all-time favourite of bettors. 

Considering the complex nature of golf, and the different tournaments available, coupled with the multitude of betting sites available, it might be difficult to bet. This article will discuss some of the basic steps on how to bet on golf tournaments.

A Basic Understanding of Golf Tours

Every sport has several significant events or tournaments that are held either annually or on a specific schedule. Golf is no exception, as there are both major and minor tournaments and tours.

There are two major tours in golf – the PGA Tour and the European tour. The PGA is almost always played in the United States, although odd events are held in either Asia or South America. The European Tour (E.T.) is held and shuffled between Southern Africa, Europe and Asia.  

How to get the most out of your golf bet

Opt for familiar tournaments

Apart from the major tours, there are four major golf tournaments – Masters, the US Open, the Open and the USPGA Championship. Although there are other minor tournaments, these four are the most popular and all-time favourites of bettors to wager on. Before delving into golf betting, it’s essential to know the fundamental differences between tournaments that are available and stick with those that you are familiar with.

The US Open is notorious for being rough on golfers. It’s held in roughs that are thick and filled with dense grass, which makes it difficult for golfers to land points. The Open, also known as the British Open, dates back to 1860 and is the oldest of all major tournaments. The tournament is highly coveted and prestigious.

Look out for sign-up bonuses

When looking to choose a betting site, it’s best to opt for sites that offer sign-up bonuses. Considering how competitive the betting industry has become, almost all sites offer welcome bonuses. However, although attractive, sometimes the conditions attached to these bonuses may be discouraging.

TBS ( provides a list of the best golf betting sites that offer great sign-up offers in the UK, which helps narrow down the long search, especially for new punters. These sign-up offers enable punters to test out sites without having to spend their money. TBS comes highly recommended by established bettors for new punters in search of betting sites with the best sign-up offers and odds. 

Betting Sites

The gambling industry has become intensely competitive, and new betting sites are flooding the market constantly. The immense amount of sites can be confusing and make choosing difficult as different sites offer varying odds, offers, features, promotions, bonuses, etc.

One important thing to consider before selecting a bookmaker is reputation. Research is the easiest way to find out if a site is honest and licensed. 

Some sites are more concentrated on golf than others. Selecting one that focuses primarily on golf betting is one of the surest ways to get great odds and prizes.

Spread your wagers

One thing punters love about golf betting is the endless variety to select from. There are several ways to wager when it comes to golf.

Most sites offer magnificent prizes if a punter can successfully bet on a player to be the winner of a tournament, and this type of betting is undoubtedly the most popular among bettors. Punters can also bet on players who will finish top 10 or 20, player vs player, the round leader, etc. This type of bet ensures a punter does not lose regardless of the outcome of a tournament. 

Golf Odds

Different sites offer varying odds, and considering the number of players that take part in a single event, the variation in odds is necessary. Not all players have the same level of experience, and an underdog can suddenly shoot up to become a star player, hence the apparent difference in odds provided by betting sites.

For golf odds, bookmakers may sometimes provide a lesser probability even if the player has a higher chance of winning. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit several sites to check out the odds on offer.