How the viral video of Letizia and Gomaespuma was recorded: “At Guillermo Fesser's house, which has 40-seater sofas”

The viral video of Doña Letizia with Juan Luis Cano and Guillermo Fesser has revolutionized the networks. We see an image of the Queen in the most natural version of her, the closest and most affectionate of her, who has lent all of her support to the Gomaespuma Foundation. “To all these fifty-something children raised at the breasts of Gomaespuma,” Letizia began. Now we know more details about how that Movistar + promotional video that has gone viral was recorded.

“After these years, when I was 13 or 14 and listening secretly at dawn to the Gomaespuma program on Antena3 Radio, who was going to tell me that so many years later, almost 40, I would be here with the Gomaespuma Foundation and with all the projects it develops in so many countries, also in Spain. With this program on social education and emotions. A tool that prevents any psychological discomfort, which is what mental health is about.” These were the words of the Queen supporting the foundation's initiative.

It was Juan Luis Cano himself, in Espejo Público, who shared more details of this meeting with her. “Many people have called me, many friends, the messages are impressive. 300. It has been very nice, not only because of the appearance of Queen Letizia, which was wonderful, but also the reunion and the affection we have received.” And he added: “I am very grateful. We had known each other for many years, since the queen was not queen. We had a good relationship. It has been great, very close. That image that one has of a serious person, I think it is because when “Having to play the assigned role as an institution is one thing and when she is a friend it is another thing. She is close and natural.”

They have also asked him about the intrastory of the video and that shot in which we see the Queen with the two journalists, sitting on a small sofa. “It was at Guillermo's house, which has 40-seat sofas, but there was no wide angle view,” she joked. “She came because behind this initiative is the Gomaespuma foundation.”